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Millionaire Ambro Di Pilato Leads COVID-19 Relief Campaign To Help Struggling Businesses And Unemployed Individuals Regain Traction From Home




Ambro Di Pilato

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the global economy really hard. All over the world, both small and large businesses are struggling to survive – let alone make profits. In such a situation, Ambro Di Pilato is helping businesses, as well as unemployed individuals, regain traction and make their businesses profitable. Yes, you read that right. 

Ambro Di Pilato is a successful entrepreneur and one of the youngest millionaires of Canada. He started his journey from common jobs but ended up becoming one of the top players in the sales industry. Ambro began his entrepreneurial career by promoting events in the art industry, which is an extremely difficult thing to do. Yet, owing to his talent and skills, Ambro was able to attract a large audience and help artists make millions from art exhibitions. 

Through these art galleries and exhibitions, he learned the art of selling and transitioned his skills into his own venture, The Stratton Sales Agency, one of the most famous and profitable sales agencies in Canada. The agency assists entrepreneurs and businesses in scaling their revenues to six figures within six months, mainly through high-ticket sales. 

What makes Ambro and his million-dollar agency stand apart from others is the fact that even during this pandemic where businesses are struggling to survive, Ambro’s sales agency is fully operational and his clients are actually thriving instead of taking a hit due to COVID-19. How? Since Ambro’s business is not reliant upon the brick and mortar selling approach, he and his team are able to not only operate but also expand their network while working from home. 

Ambro believes that your business can thrive during this period as long as you’re selling a product or service that can be sold online. This is the reason why, even during these tough times, Ambro and his team at Stratton Sales Agency are working day and night; looking for new opportunities for their clients to benefit from so that they do not have to wait for things to get back to normal. 

“Instead of waiting for this pandemic to be over, businesses should evolve and find ways to make themselves relevant during tough times as well because let’s face it: we don’t know when this will end. If you keep waiting for things to go back to normal, it’s highly unlikely that your business will even survive till that point,” he says. 

According to Ambro, the internet has made it incredibly easy to find new customers, but at the same time, it’s much more difficult to sell online than physically. This is because when you’re selling online, you need to consider a lot of factors or else you can land in trouble easily. That’s where Stratton Sales Agency comes into play. With the help of his team, Ambro teaches businesses and entrepreneurs on how to sell their products and services remotely with proper ethics and sales techniques.

Aside from businesses, Ambro is also helping individuals who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic, by offering them a position in his team. Ambro’s team comprises of talented individuals who are willing to dive deep into the field of selling. All of them are trained by Ambro himself and are experts at what they do. So much so that some of his agents actually earn thousands of dollars on every deal that they close without working a fixed number of hours every day.

What started off as a passion has now become a full-time profession for Ambro. He is indeed an inspiration for all young entrepreneurs out there, and an asset for his clients who are making millions of dollars every month due to his efforts.

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