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Michael Portone of Endless Supply LLC is an Investor You’ll Want to Keep Tabs On




When it comes to being an investor in luxurious items Michael Portone is a name you’ll want to remember. Originally from Munster, Indiana but is currently based out of Chicago, Illinois, Portone created which is an online luxury boutique he developed in 2016. He recently launched its website last month which has been providing customers globally with all of today’s most exclusive luxury items, ranging from but not limited to exclusive watches, jewelry, and limited sneakers.

The process to find what Portone wanted to do was unordinary but came naturally. As an entrepreneur, there isn’t a safety net to fall back on. He founded “Endless” during the summer of 2016, thus changing his hobby into an occupation. That is where Portone thrives as he admits “the pressure can be incredibly overwhelming, and the path to success is frustrating… but I always loved the chase”. At a young age, he would take risks he could afford to lose. Although, Portone took his losses as a lesson. He would take those losses and turn them into profits, developing his mentality for the future.

Portone also trades stocks and cryptocurrency daily and has been doing so for the last few years. He became interested in stocks and bitcoin early on due to how closely he felt they were related to sneakers. The markets have similarities and he simply couldn’t pass up the opportunity. 

Since founding Endless Supply in 2016, Portone has used his successes to appreciate life with full financial freedom at age 23. With his businesses and investments, Portone continues to grow his net worth and will continue to grow his brand.

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