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Michael Dallas-Petersen; The Canadian Master of Building and Automating Business Systems




Having built a variety of businesses around the social media agency, Michael Dallas-Petersen has become a successful entrepreneur in Canada. He grew in a small town in British Columbia and later on married his longtime beautiful partner, Hunter Dallas Petersen who they have been blessed with two sons and plans are underway to have more, probably two.

Over the past five years, Michael Dallas-Petersen said he has managed to take strides towards success in ko entrepreneurship, automating, and building systems around businesses that impact their operational costs and create accountability within the overall organization.

His lifetime services includes automation of the income and expenses parts of a business and fully automating the prospecting phases of business till it’s a sales call. He also builds a sequence from advertising social media platforms mainly Facebook, having artificial intelligence tools that manage all appointments, and ensure leads receive up to 12 touch points within 5 days. He has a team of super experienced VAs who he dedicates the extra difficult operations that his abilities can’t reach.

Michael Dallas-Petersen has had a great achievement in growing his earnings from his usual business to almost a hundred dollars monthly in recurring revenue annually. He has always aimed for greater moves and according to him there has never been time to do a combination of building an empire and also taking advantage of the internet, connections, and relationships.

He further states that he can tackle his duties to completion, take risks without fear, ask his audience what they want, listen carefully, and implement what he’s given to have the best results. Michael Dallas-Petersen is one person who will never allow excuses to head his way and always implements actions to crush those them.

Michael Dallas Petersen knows that the difference between where an individual is and where they want to be in the future is usually what they do; a common quote that he uses to challenge just anybody with. This has motivated him to dedicate 7 days weekly and make sure that every day of the week he accomplishes a particular task however small it may be. Michael  focuses on automation works because that’s where he gets the power to run his family and earn a living.

He is ready to work with business and agency owners, cosmetic dentists who do dental implants and full arch replacements, and mortgage brokers; mostly, people with the passion of embracing new technologies, as he puts it.

The experiences have made him a never relenting individual accomplishing every milestone to see his business growth and have his family live comfortably and enjoy every bit of life. This has laid a strong foundation for him to become one of the successful social media agency experts today! He is available on phone, mail, IG, and Facebook for any chat!

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