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Meet Urban Gospel Musician Jimmy Mor: Making Variety in Hope-Filled Music




Gospel music has changed the lives of many people across the world since the beginning of its history. That story holds especially true to young gospel musician Jimmy Mor.

Jimmy Mor is a Philadelphia born musician who combines urban contemporary gospel, hip-hop, and R&B.

Jimmy holds the view that music can be used as a tool to promote a genuine relationship with God. “The way people look at your actions and what you say is ultimately a ministry opportunity in itself,” Jimmy explains. “I say in a song, ‘If you want to see a difference, you just gotta be a difference.’ What I mean by that is, if you show people that God has changed you and saved your life, then that can make it easier for them to see how He can change theirs.”

Jimmy’s goal is to expand the boundaries of Christian/gospel artistry by reaching a young generation of listeners who enjoy hip-hop and R&B, but staying true to the message of God’s goodness and mercy. With the radio success of the Christian rap song “Amazing” featuring V. Rose, Jimmy set out again to push the boundaries of gospel music even more.

In May of 2020 he released his album, Diary of a Broken Christian, and followed that up in 2021 with two singles, “Be Somebody” and “Change Me.” Jimmy’s also starring in a lead role in the movie Conviction, directed by Gary Mayo, which is expected to release in 2021. 

To discover more about Jimmy Mor, visit his Instagram account and YouTube channel.

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