Meet Timoi Who Is Paving Their Path In A Male-Dominated Industry With Kawaii-Like Characters

Timoi is inspiring and bringing joy to their customers with their art while keeping an eco-conscious mind and striving for the future by continuing to uplift humanity.

We exist in a world dominated by men. We seldom see people of different gender orientations climbing up the ranks and leading the charge. Graffiti is one such industry that is heavily male-dominated. However, Timoi is one such artist who has been able to carve their path and succeed by establishing a brand following their art career.

Susana De Leon Now Called Timoi

Susana De Leon, now known as Timoi for their distinct big wide eyes characters, actually started creating art when they were 6 and by the time they were 15, developed a curiosity in graffiti art. At 19, Susana wanted a distinct name for their graffiti writing. After drawing something one night, they titled it “Trapped In My Own Imagination”. Susana instantly fell in love with the acronym and began signing all their artwork with TIMOI. Timoi created their first character in the Killer Calo Series, Calo, after having a dream about a cute, big, bright-eyed character telling them their story and suggesting that they paint them and grow with it in 2003.

A non-binary artist, social issues activist, and advocate for mental health and LGBTQ+, Timoi, launched the brand with their sister, Maritza Valdez, and her husband, Alfonso Valdez in January 2021. Today, they are a lifestyle artist brand with an online store that offers novelty items, gifts, apparel, art, and accessories featuring Timoi’s art.

Eco-conscious Brand That Incorporates a Supportive and Inclusive Community

Timoi’s products are made to order, allowing them to provide high-quality products while minimizing their carbon footprint. Timoi believes in quality more than quantity, so each piece is a work of art that also serves a purpose. They cater to the young and the young at heart who enjoy art and all things cute, colorful and kawaii. The majority of their audiences enjoy music, festivals, and raves; and are well-known among alternative fashion and art enthusiasts. Women, LGBTQ people, some men, and fans of comic cons, anime, and pop culture account for the majority of their audience.

More than just a fashion brand, Timoi is an eco-friendly utility brand and a supportive, inclusive community that is founded by a non-binary person, a woman, and a man. Timoi is also very immersed in the metaverse and began early in 2021, making it one of the first brands to embrace NFTs.

From June 4, 2022, to July 2, 2022, Timoi is featured as an artist in the LA Rising Star art show at the Hive Gallery in Downtown Los Angeles. Timoi worked on paintings for the show, as well as new designs for their fashion collections with an 80s theme.

Timoi’s characters entice you to join their club. The more you discover about Timoi the artist, the more immersed you become in another world through their vision. This is the reason that many young artists are inspired by Timoi’s graffiti art every day.

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