In conversation with Gary Lee Price with Bridget Cook-Burch on ‘Divine Turbulence’

Gary Lee Price had every reason in the world to be a broken person. After surviving a murder-suicide as a young child, he was sent into a darker hell. Yet, he became successful and enlightened Master Sculptor. He discovered a powerful creative force within himself. In ‘Divine Turbulence’, by Gary Lee Price with Bridget Cook-Burch, his inspiring story is shared with us all. A real treasure brought to our shelves by Inspired Legacy Publishing, this memoir is proof that someone can rise even from the bleakest place. What inspired Gary to share his profound story? We were able to interview the creators behind ‘Divine Turbulence’ and understand more about this amazing work.

Bridget Cook-Burch 

What was the most profound part of ‘Divine Turbulence’ that hit home and helped you write the story? 

I would have to say the fact that trauma happened so early for Gary. I could see through his eyes and his voice, this innocent, beautiful little boy who had the whole world at his feet, to see, to experience and to enjoy. Then all that was taken from him. Twice. The profound power that art had for him, to be able to give his life back a thousand fold. For him to be able to grow to be an incredible father of his own, with boys that he chose to raise in such an extraordinary way. That to me was a very profound lesson. I also got to take a look at my own life and what I could do better and more significantly despite things that I have gone through. Gary has an intriguing DNA story in his book, and at the same time I was assisting him to write this, I was also on a brand new unexpected DNA journey that brought me well over a hundred new immediate relatives and changed my world. Absolutely profound to be writing with Gary for his story and having my own significant situation simultaneously. 

As a published author of multiple books have you ever gotten reader’s block?

Nope. In fact, stories help me move past almost every situation that I come to face. I have to be careful for it not to be an escape from the world and to step into someone else’s world, but books have given me solutions to all kinds of problems. They have been my Google and my go to.

What was an early experience where you learned that language had power?

Writing my first book, which had to do with a former skinhead who changed his life. I saw his power with words to destroy and then I saw his power with words to build and create and save. Save lives, save communities, save people. 

We also used to debate in my family all the time and as one of the youngest, I had to learn quickly how to debate and use words well. 

Gary Lee Price 

What is easier for you, writing a book or sculpting a piece of stone into an artistic masterpiece? 

I believe we all have gifts and certain skills, and my number one gift is definitely not being an orator. My gift is a certain eye-hand coordination and the ability to extract out of my head ideas that are given to me from a positive environment. I came into this life with a God-given positive outlook on life in spite of many negative happenings and circumstances. Consequently, it has been relatively easy to focus on positive aspects of life and my artistic abilities. Now that I am a best-selling author through this memoir, I do gladly accept the challenge of being able to express myself at different venues and share the message of my book and my beliefs on the healing and cathartic abilities of the art experience. Not to mention wanting to create an awareness of the bullying and abuse of innocent children.

Talk to us about the importance of ‘Divine Turbulence’ and why it was important to share your story to the world? 

The older you get the more you realize, at least I have, the divine orchestration to our lives. You end up connecting the dots and watching the incredible timeline of events in your life. You see beautiful patterns with not only happenings but with whom those happenings are with. I personally also look back on my life and sometimes wonder how in the hell I overcame so many obstacles despite some seriously tragic events. In analyzing the whole event I decided that I had a certain responsibility to share those answers and solutions that I came to, with others. I’ve always felt an empathy and compassion towards others, and I’ve always had a certain caring for those going through trials and challenges. It’s as though I can feel their pain and I want to be able to offer assistance. My greatest hope with my memoir, and being vulnerable enough to share it, is that I can offer not only answers but comfort and peace to others in need.

If you could pick one message that you would like to resonate with those who read ‘Divine Turbulence’ what would it be and why? 

My main message would be for people to come together in peace and harmony and respect for each other. Secondly, I would love for people to realize that just as depicted in the Statue of Responsibility, sometimes we are the hand reaching up needing assistance and sometimes we are the hand reaching down to provide that assistance to others. And one last thing, I would hope that we all realize that we have certain responsibilities not only to ourselves but to others.

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