This Luxury Brand Has the Perfect Collection of Men’s and Women’s Clothing

Luxury fashion brands are built on the structure of offering high symbolic value to a discerning segment of consumers. Moreover, they are focused on either a certain type of clothing or clothing especially focused on a specific set of consumers. But as the times are changing, amazing experiments are being made by breakthrough fashion brands in terms of niche and they are providing a variety of collections to choose from for both men and women. The special mention of one such brand is the ORO – a Los Angeles-based contemporary luxury fashion line that encompasses elements of elevated grunge and effortless style. 

A company that first started with a few cut and sewn t-shirts has grown to be an internationally known brand selling ready-to-wear clothing and footwear collections. With unique color combinations and a contemporary approach, ORO offers high-end fashion items ranging from aesthetically pleasing shirts and denim to new-age trends of boots and hoodies. 

The collection of the ORO brand has a statement of identity. Each piece of clothing is rare and carries a story behind it that makes it separate from more common items. The first look of any product from the ORO brand communicates its stature and uniqueness. Customers long to identify with this brand because it celebrates their sense of style with excellent design and aesthetics. The relevance and authenticity of the ORO brand have contributed to making it a popular brand among fashion enthusiasts – reflecting that luxury products are not to be judged on a visual level but are to be experienced on an emotional level. 

Why should you choose the ORO Brand? 

The modern lifestyle is very demanding and stressful for each one of us. It’s difficult to navigate through it while balancing work, family, and everything going on in the world right now. ORO has taken care of all of us who manage to thrive even in these conditions and deserve to reward our fashion lust with nothing but the best options possible. This brand is filled with high-quality products with a contemporary twist on traditional aesthetics. Whether you are looking for a casual aesthetic look or an outgoing vibrant vibe, you can find the perfect option available for women and men at 

High-Quality Materials

The Luxury clothing of ORO is made of materials with exceptional quality. For instance, the denim fabric is made in Italy where they are spun, dyed, and woven. Thereafter, the denim is imported to Los Angeles where local factories sew and wash these garments. A pair of denim usually takes up to two to three months to manufacture and that is why every pair of denim is made with top-notch quality. 

Everything Is Better Crafted

Along with clothing, ORO features a unique footwear collection as well, which includes the brand’s cult product – chelsea boots. With its origins in Victorian Britain and made popular again in the 60s by The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, its single-cut shape creates an elegant masculine silhouette and is the foundation of the brand’s signature look. These boots are crafted and made with high-quality calf-suede upper, dual elasticized gores, a full-grain leather lining, round almond toe, leather outsole with rubber inserts, and constructed with the blake-stitched construction method. 

Authentic Fashion 

ORO makes each garment slowly and with great precision. Garments are meticulously hand-cut, sewn, and finished by an experienced and skilled team with great attention to quality and detail. It all leads to better structured, better fitting, more comfortable and better-looking clothes. For a pair of handcrafted ORO boots, it takes over 200 steps from designing, hand-cutting, hand-sewing, mounting, shaping the leather, and finishing. This illustrates that the brand does not compromise on the authenticity of the product at any cost which is why when you wear the ORO brand it gives a completely different feeling, the reason being you are wearing a genuinely luxurious product that carries its authenticity up on its sleeves.

Remarkable Shopping Experience

The online shopping experience offered by the ORO brand is quite impressive. Their website has distinguished sections for each category that ensures a smooth search experience. You can find a quick guide on returns and exchanges with options to pay the amount in installments. Also, you will find a well-defined size and fit guide along with an assurance of quality & craftsmanship on every product.

Author – The Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

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