Consulting Firm Jason Nyback is Cracking the Code to Attract High Ticket Coaching Clients

Las Vegas, NV

Jason Nyback, a consulting firm specializing in client acquisition for business coaches, has developed a proprietary process allowing the company and its clients to attract “high ticket coaching clients” using Facebook ads. The company has spent years (and over a million dollars) of research and testing to develop its unique method for bringing in coaching clients online, and now, they believe they’ve finally accomplished their goal. The team’s primary aim is to teach these business-builders (who may not be expert marketers) to wield effective digital tools, enabling them to expand their networking capabilities and client bases.

For coaches looking to grow their businesses, there are several recurring obstacles they must learn to overcome. One of the first hard lessons that coaches learn is that finding clients is only half the battle. The team is helping coaches find reliable ways to get their services in front of the right eyes and take clients all the way from click to conversion.

Learning to Attract the Right Clients at the Right Time

Coaches have a big problem with attracting tire kickers who are not ready to buy or those who are interested but have zero intention of moving forward. This can become a very frustrating recurring problem for coaches and consultants that waste money on advertising designed only to attract people who are shopping around and have no intention of buying. 

According to the Jason Nyback team, “It isn’t just about finding clients; it’s about finding the right clients at the right time.” In light of the team’s innovations, they have found that casting a wide net is often more expensive and less effective than targeting clients that are ready to buy premium-priced coaching or consulting packages. 

The advent of Jason Nyback’s Facebook ad technique allows the company to teach its clients how to attract prospects who are prequalified and ready to buy their coaching services, as opposed to attracting people who are merely interested. Armed with a new way of targeting and converting clients, the team aims to help coaches and consultants adapt to a remote style of business, grow their client bases, cut their marketing costs, and find clients at the right stage of the buyer’s journey.

Innovating to Improve the Industry

As the leaders in Facebook ad-based client acquisition for the coaching/consulting space, the Jason Nyback team hopes that sharing its proprietary system can help coaches to change more lives, attract clients who are qualified, make more money for their clients and their businesses, and improve the industry as a whole. The company’s proprietary methods also allow it to be more selective when it comes to which coaches and consultants it chooses to take on as clients.

With its skill in the use of small ads (based on over $1,000,000 in advertising research and testing), the Jason Nyback team is helping coaches and consultants bypass local market economies to reach national markets and attract clients who are looking online for expert services. Over the next few years, the company aims to establish itself as a go-to resource for coaches and consultants looking to take control of their careers.

Meet the Founder

Jason Nyback, an accomplished online entrepreneur, has made a name for himself as the world’s foremost authority on Facebook-ad based client acquisition. He is helping coaches to build the foundations for greater success using digital tools of his own creation.

Learn more about Jason Nyback’s unique strategies at Reach out to the team at or call (780) 306-2371.

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