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Meet Sapphiroula Condoleon Son who is also a social media star




Georgii Condoleon, 8 months, is a rising Instagram star and certainly following in his mother’s footsteps! The adorable baby and first-born son of Sapphiroula Condoleon has already amassed a following of over 2700 followers on Instagram. Not only is his Instagram status increasing but he is already working with brands on partnerships- how cute it that!

Even though Georgii was born in August 2019, his mother started the page when she was 9 months pregnant back in July 2019. The mother and businesswoman, 25, revealed ‘I started the page when I was pregnant’. To date, Georgii has 75 social media posts and each post has accumulated hundreds of likes from his adoring fans. Sapphiroula also revealed ‘It was a bit of fun! I would comment on things as if I was Georgii- Tommee Tippee was one of them’. To add to Georgii’s impressive resume, Sapphiroula has also revealed ‘He has just got signed to his first modelling agency’.

Georgii is Sapphiroula’s first born child. After suffering from a severe Endometriosis diagnosis, she was told by Doctors she may be unable to have children. Sapphiroula bravely underwent surgery shortly after her diagnosis to remove some of the Endometriosis tissue. The successful surgery led to her getting pregnant with Georgii several months after the procedure.

Below are some of our favourite shots of Georgii! You can follow can follow Georgii on Instagram @Georgiicondo

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