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Meet Dr. Ramin Tabib, who Utilizes the Best Dental Practices to Provide Exceptional Dental Services to his Patients




People often fear visiting a dentist due to complex dental procedures they have to go through. What if a dentist executes a dental treatment in a smooth way as per the personalized needs of a patient. Dr. Ramin Tabib, an innovative cosmetic dentist based in New York City, is one such name who has established his presence in New York for his exceptional dental treatments.

What separates him from other dental surgeons is the way he treats his patients. Dr. Ramin Tabib uses innovative technology tools and techniques to yield exceptional results for his patients. He utilizes his skills, training experience, and his knowledge to treat his patients to the best of his potential.

Dr. Ramin Tabib along with Dr. Elisa Mello runs his clinic, NYC Smile Design to ensure comprehensive dental care and exceptional cosmetic dentistry treatments to his patients. Both the dentists understand the perspective and personal needs of their clients before offering them their unique dental services.

Dr. Ramin Tabib simply focuses on bring a healthy and beautiful smile to their clients’ faces. He just keeps on improving his skills and knowledge to provide the best dental treatments in his clinic, NYC Smile Design.

The work environment of his clinic is very comfortable for every type of client to help him get the best dental solution for his needs. Dr. Ramin Tabib and Dr. Elisa Mello serve the people of Manhattan and New York with innovative dental services by using the latest dental equipment, techniques, & technologies.

Dr. Ramin Tabib is a BA degree holder from the State University of New York, Binghampton. He has got his DDS degree from the Columbia University College of Dental Surgery. And he has gained knowledge and training about dental implants at Misch Implant Institute, Pittsburgh & New York University’s Implantology program.

Dr. Ramin Tabib provides services namely cosmetic reconstructive dentistry, biomimetic dentistry, invisible orthodontic, laser dentistry, gum treatments, and neuromuscular dentistry.


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