Meet Artist Kiss Pink, transforming the world of art in her own incredible way

The Russian artist, who is now based in Toronto, Canada, is famous for her gun art paintings and much more.

Isn’t it surreal to learn about how women have been coming forward increasingly with the aim to take over their chosen industries? Well, the world has been a witness to the rise of innumerable men, who have been celebrated over the years for their successes, but it is incredible to know how women are now being celebrated more for the kind of astonishing work they do in their niches, ultimately pushing forward growth in the same in more ways than one. To do that in the world of art, in any art form, has proved to be even more challenging, but it is artists like Kiss Pink, who have been making all of this look flawless.

Kiss Pink today stands tall as a one-of-a-kind artist who has attained massive name and recognition for her one-of-a-kind art, like her gun art paintings and more. She is originally a Russian artist from Moscow who is now settled in Toronto, Canada. She moved to Canada at the age of 17 to find herself and do something of her own. After drawing for three years, she got to know about the wall decor art of the shape of an AK47 which seemed so unique for the internet world. This led her to create her mesmerizing gun art paintings and many other original works.

Initially, when she moved to Canada, she began her career as a model, but for her love for drawings and paintings, she decided to follow her dreams and passion for art. Once, during a DJ party done by a few college students, they asked her to bring all her art to the party venue to decorate it. This stunned people and also led to having her first sale and so she decided to go all-in to create her career as an artist.

Today with KISS PINK, she offers some of her finest artworks like home décor art painting, custom artwork, and much more. To know more, do follow her on Instagram.

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