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Medical Experts Enlist the Important Tips to Maintain the Indoor Air Quality in Polluted Regions




Medical experts have enlisted the important steps that people should follow in order to maintain the indoor air quality in the populated regions. As the number of cases with breathing problems has been increasing exponentially due to the rising pollution, a few unnamed medical experts have throw light on the ways to get rid of this problem. According to them, it is imperative on behalf of every person to maintain the right indoor air quality to live a healthy lifestyle.

It is known through a report that about 300 million people across the world suffer from asthma and this number is likely to cross the mark of 400 million by the year 2025. In addition to this, there is a huge portion of people who face other lung problems and it could even lead to high mortality among the old age people. Sharing the first tip, experts said that one must keep one’s surroundings clean and there should not be any accumulation of dust on any surface.

They said that one should remove animal dander, dust, and mold to maintain indoor hygiene. According to experts, home’s crawl can make a person sick if he fails to follow the necessary steps to declutter his house regularly. Sharing the second tip, they said that it is mandatory for every person to keep the indoor environment green by planting air-cleaning plants.

Green plants release a sufficient supply of oxygen and it simply ensures easy breathing. They have shared that it is important for every person to maintain the air filters and ducts regularly in order to ensure their right functioning. Installing air heating and purifier systems simply help to clean the air to help people breathe in clean air. However, it is necessary to maintain them on a regular basis to live a healthy and disease-free lifestyle.

Air purifiers simply help to remove the allergens from the air due to which it becomes possible for a person to breathe in the fresh air. In addition to this, people should also consider dehumidifier in order to prevent the accumulation of molds if they are living in damp areas. It removes allergic components from the air to help people with lung problems breathe in pure air. And it is highly important for all those old age people suffering from any type of lung problem in their daily life.

The next tip the medical experts share is to keep the house ventilated in order to ensure the passing of fresh air into the rooms. It is necessary to remove all the accumulated allergens into the air and it will eventually lead to an improvement in the lifestyle of a person. While suggesting the important tips on this subject, they simply said that it is necessary to follow the hygienic lifestyle as it is crucial for the regular cleaning of the indoor air.

A person should simply pay attention to keeping the carpets clean by doing vacuuming every week. He should also ensure the regular cleaning of bedding as well as drapes in order to breathe in fresh air free of allergens.

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