Matt Ziegert, One of the Country’s Top Mortgage Lenders, on How to Effectively Scale a Business

Matthew Ziegert is a seasoned mortgage lender and one of Cardinal Financial’s top branch managers. One of Ziegert’s primary tasks is to provide a stress-free, thorough, and quick experience to his clients and ensure company growth.

During his extensive career, Ziegert has learned several strategies for scaling a business. Considering Cardinal Financial’s constant growth and excellent customer experience, Ziegert’s strategies are proven to work.

Ziegert’s first piece of advice for scaling a business is to invest in technology. “Employing the use of technology has played a massive part in the company’s scaling, and clients have been drawn to the now easy-to-manage systems that Cardinal Financial offers,” Ziegert says. In fact, Ziegert himself played an important role in creating a software platform that helps clients make quick and easy deals.

From Ziegert’s experience, investing in technology makes it easier and less expensive to scale a business. “Technology and automation can help you run your business at lower cost and more efficiently by minimizing manual work. Let’s not even mention how much it can improve customer experience, boosting your company’s earnings as a result,” Ziegert says.

Speaking of customers, Ziegert points out that they are essential for scaling a business. However, instead of acquiring new customers, companies should focus on their existing customers. “Customer experience and reviews are what makes or breaks a business. If your company delivers quality experiences, products, and service, and you make every effort to delight your customers, then they’ll sing your praises,” Ziegert says.

In addition, Ziegert believes that companies must hire the right people if they want to thrive and grow. “Technology will give your company huge leverage. But, at the end of the day, you still need people. You still need the hands that will carry out the work,” Ziegert says.

Finding the right people is easier said than done. Ziegert recommends businesses focus on hiring individuals who are willing to learn and grow, who are team players, and who bring new ideas to the table. He also points out that experience shouldn’t be the deciding factor when making a hire. “Experience is not a must. You get experience by doing. However, the other things, such as being a team player, are one of those things you can’t really teach,” Ziegert says.

Last but not least, Ziegert explains that it is essential to stay on top of all the changes in the industry. “The market is always changing. Technology is always changing. You need to evolve every day. It’s either sink or swim,” Ziegert says.

Scaling a business is one of the most challenging tasks for entrepreneurs, regardless of their experience and expertise. However, it becomes much easier when a person can learn from the experience of others. Ziegert’s strategies are quite straightforward to implement, yet they have yielded excellent results for Cardinal Financial.

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