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Mariana Donnelly Inspires the Youth With Her Many Talents




Nowadays kids are taught that they are free to choose any path that they desire. While this sounds good on paper, the younger generation still needs an example of how to accomplish this. Mariana Donnelly is a successful dancer and model who is doing exactly this at the age of only eight years old. In doing so she is the perfect light to lead her younger generation of peers on following their dreams.

Starting out, Mariana Donnelly first began dancing at the age of 2 years old. After excelling in this, her parents Vanessa Donnelly and ThaRift began putting her in more activities. Besides dancing, Mariana’s most prominent endeavor soon became modeling. Many brands began taking a liking to her cute comercial smile as well as her showtime personality she gained from her past dancing.

With all of Mariana’s skills working together in her favor, it’s clear that Mariana’s a  child that is making her dreams come true. In her doing this she has been able to inspire many other young girls, boys, and parents, showing them that being in the entertainment industry at a young age is possible.

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