Manuel Marinari is changing the social media management market

Manuel Marinari, a 31-year-old entrepreneur has been definitely changing the social media management market in the last 3 years. His personal path started 5 years ago, driven by curiosity of starting a new life as a digital nomad, he decided to drop his job and leave his country in order to focus on his dream life and career. Manuel Marinari followed his passion for travel blogging and he started creating content on Instagram, sharing his experiences across the Asian continent and becoming a global Influencer. In today’s time, he is receiving an excellent response for the work on his social media platforms and thanks to them, he founded his company Sway Society, a social media company based in Taipei, Taiwan where Manuel is based at the moment.

Marinari was born and brought up in Milan, Italy till 25.. Since a very young age, Marinari was inclined towards exploring the digital world. He started playing online videogames and participating in online communities at the age of 10. When Marinari was 18 he accomplished his first online reselling business through Moreover He has been a prolific card player in MTG Magic the Gathering official tournaments, and he even started his businesses based on the gaming life, called DZ Series, an Italian MTG tournament circuit.

During his educational years, Marinari learned photography and media handling. Having developed a keen interest in communication studies, Marinari pursued a course in social communication at IULM Communication School in Milan, Italy.

Since his early school days, he’s been very inclined to create new businesses.

Manuel Marinari decided to dive into the business world by taking inspiration from popular personalities such as Elon Musk totally embracing his best philosophy; “don’t be afraid to fail, keep trying and do it faster until you will succeed”. Moved by Elon’s words, Marinari finally got his global recognition, first establishing his business in Taiwan and Asia market and later expanding his network overseas, reaching USA and Europe. His client’s pool is now made by brands, public figures and famous athletes. He just launched the first high-end social media management especially studied for VIPs, Sway Squad.

The reason behind his success is clearly the approach with the client. While other agencies are invisible, without showing their faces and without proven experiences, Manuel Marinari is the face and the living proof of his services, showing his social media platform content and growth. Along his journey Manuel has hired many other influencers  to join his team to continue this new concept of “personal influencer social media manager”.

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