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Lifestyle Influencer Meeta Vengapally on her invitation to NYFW and being featured on Moevir Paris’s cover




New York Fashion Week has a glittering turnout of celebrities and influencers in the city to celebrate creativity and fashion. This year was no exception. The iconic locations of Bryant Park and Lincoln Center are transformed into high-fashion epicenters attended by the biggest names in fashion. Right off the heels of her stunning Moevir Paris Magazine Cover shoot model and influencer Meeta Vengapally was seen sitting front row at the most coveted NYFW events. 

2020 has been the year of Meeta Vengapally. From high-profile events to magazine covers, Meeta has been making waves in the fashion industry with her timeless style. An accomplished model and actress, Meeta has been a spokesperson for over 500 brands. Her career as a fashion influencer can be credited to her exceptional style and natural look. It was about time she was invited to sit front row at New York Fashion Week. 

“The Moevir Paris magazine cover was so exciting because it coincided with my birthday,” says Meeta. “I can’t think of a better way to celebrate!” The cover depicts Meeta as the beauty that she is laying gracefully on the floor, adorned in a gorgeous red dress. “Shooting that cover was so much fun, and working with Alex Matt is an honor. I love how it all came together,” says Meeta.

Straight from the magazine cover, Meeta jetted off to New York, invited to sit front row at Fashion Week’s most coveted events. “Fashion is my life, so being invited to sit front row at NYFW was something I thoroughly enjoyed,” says Meeta. “It was an experience I will never forget, and let’s just say I am looking forward to my invite next year.” Meeta’s fashion influence has been spanning the globe for years, inspiring women to embrace their curves and beauty without apology. 

“Everyone who knows me knows I want it all and I want it delivered,” laughs Meeta. “I work hard, and I am very proud of the results.” A fashion influencer through and through Meeta knows that it takes more than just a pretty face and designer clothes. She understands the balance of creativity and hard work and isn’t afraid to push the boundaries. That’s what gives Meeta her edge, which she shares on her Instagram @meetamoment. Witty, timeless, and beautiful, Meeta Vengapally will continue to shine in the fashion world for years to come. 

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