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LeRoy Mobley Fights COVID-19 Negativity With Music




LeRoy Mobley is no stranger to using his music to lift up others and put smiles on people’s faces, so he was perfectly positioned to take a step forward as others stepped back in the wake of COVID-19.

Never before have we faced such sadness on a global scale – yes, we’ve faced disasters and felt the pain of other nations, but the global pandemic has forced us to face our fears and battle with intense loneliness and depression in a way many of us never would have before.

Fortunately, many of us have adjusted, adapted, and some of the constraints have relaxed, but the world is still not what it once was, and likely won’t be for some time to come. Passionate musician LeRoy Mobley isn’t letting the lack of public concerts, gigs, and festivals hold him back, however.

The prolific singer has been bringing hope, light, and joy to those he performs to since he was a child in 1997, when his middle school teacher encouraged him to share his talent with the world.

While LeRoy has always been a light in the world of others, he’s struggled with the darkness within. Chronic depression controlled his life through much of his 20s, even after he graduated from the University of South Florida with a Batchelor’s in Psychology.

LeRoy battled suicidal thoughts and fell into addiction, but on the 28th of December 2010, that all changed for him. He had an experience that changed everything for him, and led him back to the right path and helped him return to his faith. His music now aims to make others feel good and give them the confidence they need to develop the best relationship with themselves, others, and God.

LeRoy’s vision now goes well beyond simply entertaining and listing spirits, though his music remains at the core of everything he does. He now helps others fight the darkness he faced, he wants to help fight fatherlessness, defend justice, clothe, feed, and empower impoverished communities.

Living in West Hollywood, and with a long travel history of visiting countries like the Dominican Republic, the Bahamas, Costa Rica, Italy, the UK, Canada, Australia, and Japan, he’s seen the extremes of how people live. He wants to show that you can be strong, brave, and achieve great things, no matter the background you come from.

When he’s away from his life’s work and relaxing, he enjoys traveling, playing music for fun (he started playing trumpet in 1998), and working on his fitness. His musical influences are Stevie Wonder, John Legend, Shawn Mendes, Justin Bieber, David Guetta, Calvin Harris, DJ Khaled, and other successful household names.

Music transcends language barriers, and that’s one of the reasons why LeRoy finds it so powerful. He now spends much of his time with charitable organizations such as Radiance International and Veteran’s Affairs PTSD. His mother and father were both war veterans (the Gulf War and Vietnam War respectively), so it’s a cause he feels passionate about.

LeRoy is known for brining light, joy, and God into people’s hearts, and there’s nothing we need more in times like these! To hear his music or stay up-to-date on where LeRoy is next making an appearance as we hopefully progress forward in beating Coronavirus and returning to normal life, you can bookmark his website, listen to his music on Spotify, Apple Music, or YouTube, and follow him on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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