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Learn how to go viral on social media like Cleveland “Fly As Day” Jones – with Our Cyrcle Inc




Cleveland "Fly As Day" Jones

Cleveland Jones Jr., also known as “Fly As Day”, has been helping various athletes, brands, and entertainers to build and create amazing companies, products, and services. Through his co-founded platform, Our Cyrcle, Inc., Cleveland “Fly As Day” Jones has been helping entrepreneurs and different artist to gain popularity on social media. Due to an excellent experience as a social media influencer, Fly As Day along with his team members has helped a number of his clients in boosting their products as well as services on various social media platforms.

Cleveland “Fly As Day” Jones career covers sports apparel, technology, and sports & entertainment management. Jones faced tough times in his childhood growing up in an impoverished neighbourhood of Houma, La but his passion for success didn’t allow him to settle nor lose focus for small things. At the mere age of 7, Jones started selling frozen cups and homemade pralines made by his great grandmother. While growing up, he shifted from one work to another in his entire life. Jones is a founder of Fly As Day Management company which markets and promotes professional athletes, entertainers and brands on Social media.

In 2017, Jones founded the company, Our Cyrcle, Inc. in partnership with CEO Terry Moss of Lang BridgeApp Inc. During the time span of his career, Jones has helped many young people to succeed in their career by boosting their popularity on social media platforms. Currently, he is working on the official launch date of a newly co-founded athletic brand “Brave Hart Athletics”. The Instagram page of has been witnessing an excellent growth and it has crossed 30K followers. 

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