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Latitude28 has set on a US wide tour, called ‘The Drive-In and Fireworks Extravaganza Tour’




The pandemic has forced the entertainment industry into a difficult position. While August is usually booming with festivals, concerts, and more, this past month just hasn’t been the same. Without all of the perks that live events provide, summer doesn’t seem to have the same ring to it.

Luckily, live entertainment hasn’t been completely lost. Performers are finding new and innovative ways to entertain. Among them is the group Latitude28. Latitude28 is a band from Florida that performs hit songs from popular genres including pop, rock, and hip hop to country, alternative, and dance. Founded in 2018, the group has a combination of talented musicians and front line singers that are known for creating dance parties across the country.

Currently, the group is touring across the United States. The tour rightfully called, The Drive-In and Fireworks Extravaganza Tour, is a live entertainment experience designed to keep event-goers dancing while ensuring health and safety protocols during the pandemic are still met.

Every show of the Drive-In tour takes place outside. The idea for this concert format came to the group after watching outdoor church sermons around Florida. They’ve taken the same concept seen in these Floridian towns and scaled them, utilizing outdoor spaces such as drive-in parking lots and retrofitting the venues with high-quality production technology. Shows include a thrilling combination of fireworks, LED synced screens, pyrotechnics, C02 jets, and much more.

Not only is the band bringing back live performances, they are re-invigorating entertainment economies in every city that they travel to, serving as the prototype for the new normal. In addition to the successful tour, the band is airing a TV reality show on Amazon Prime Video.

Latitude28 is booked from now until 2022. Be sure to see if they are coming to a city near you!

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