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Landon Murie Shares How He’s Helped Property Management Brands Increase Revenue Through Digital Marketing Strategies That Thrive




Recently, I had the pleasure to interview Landon Murie. Landon is the founder and CEO of Goodjuju,  an SEO and web-designfirm that assists property management companies with a variety of marketing strategies to get more online exposure helping them scale and get more clients in turn.

During our talk, we spoke about certain issues affecting the marketing industry and other things you’ll surely find beneficial. Here are key points from the interview;

Things Every CEO should know 

During the interview, Landon stressed the importance of getting real results for your clients. Today most agencies don’t set their sights on getting results for their clients and are only after the profit they’ll make. This might seem fun at the start but in the long run, it will prove costly. 

If you really want to grow as a new or existing agency, your key focus should be on doing a great job for your clients. This will attract a lot more clients and boost your team’s morale too.

According to Landon, another crucial thing you should take note of when building a new agency is Systems. When your business grows to a certain state, you’ll need help to scale it further and to get more clients. This is where a system comes in. 

Landon explains that without a good system to onboard clients, train new staff, and manage different aspects of the business, your business will fail. So it’s ideal to focus on developing fortified systems early on. This will ensure peace of mind in the long run.

Are Problems Causing Your Agency To Stall?

Obstacles are roadblocks experienced by every agency out there. That’s why the only thing that separates a successful agency from a failed one is how they handle any problem that arises.

In light of this topic, Landon stresses the importance of seeking help or researching on ways other agencies have handled the particular problem you face. Once you get this information, reverse engineer their processes and strategies. This will undoubtedly increase your chances of success. 

“It’s pretty tough to come up with a “brand new way” of doing many things (unless you are Elon Musk) and so for most people, we should find someone who is at the level you want to be at, and go behind the scenes of their strategy to try and replicate their success in your own way. This has worked really well for me with my marketing agency.” – Landon shares.

Sealing The Deal

How often do you see yourself finding it hard to get new leads or clients? The answer for about 90% of the population would be “too often.” Yes, securing a new lead can be bothersome and tiring. But this shouldn’t always be the case.

When asked how he consistently secures new leads for his firm, Landon pointed out the fact that he networks a lot. Things aren’t just about advertising on social media anymore. Sometimes cold emails, cold calls, or even a simple message on Linkedin can help you build the right connections.

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