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Kasey Marcelle’s Most Recent Release, “iamKaseyMarcelle”




With its release being just over a month ago, the six-song project, “iamKaseyMarcelle”, by New York artist Kasey Marcelle is a way of projecting what the new artist is capable of. With each song on the project being better than the last, this release is grabbing a lot of attention as well as excitement to see what Kasey Marcelle will put out next.

The six-song project contains beautiful production, mixing, mastering, and of course, writing. Each song delivers a story from Kasey as his lyrical writing abilities are on full display here. The project focuses on the growth through struggle and what it took to get to where he is. Each track is planned and placed in perfect order, so each song goes hand in hand with each other. The tracks were set up to follow the journey with Kasey and his love for music. With his inspirations as well as his musical ability on full display, this project was certainly a shining accomplishment within his discography. With immense storytelling and instrumentals carrying the stories forward, this project is certainly one to remember. Be sure to check this project out as well as give it a listen.

You can check out Kasey Marcelle’s website here as well as check out his releases as well as his EP iamKaseyMarcelle on Spotify here

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