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Kaila Methven hosts an international Documentary, Richest Man Alive Jeff Bezos‘ “Amazon“ 200 Billion Dollars. Most Scandalous divorces of Hollywood, from WME Patrick Whitesell to Lauren Sanchez, what really happened?




“The world needs strong women. Women who will lift and build others, who will love and be loved. Women who live bravely, both tender and fierce.”

One such woman of indomitable spirit is founder of Madame Methven. Kaila’s name stands tall in the realm of fashion and elite celebrities. Besides being a successful business woman, she has built an infrastructure for a fashion empire that is soaring high with her new lingerie line, Madame Methven.

The goal of Madame Methven is to resonate with every woman out there who strives hard to find her strength and fights all odds. Every time a woman wears one of her pieces, she should feel that she is worth being loved.

Kaila spent years studying design and fashion at the top institutions in Paris and brings that style into all of her work. After debuting her line at LA Fashion Week a couple years ago, Kaila has been getting her outstanding work globally recognized. She has been featured by giant publications like Maxim, US Weekly, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Fox and Harpers Bazaar. Kaila has been designing her couture line for high profile clients and major Hollywood Celebrities for several years.

A special documentary on Hollywood’s wealthiest power couple, Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez is currently the talk of the town.

Kaila, being in close quarters to high profile Hollywood celebrities, has been able to observe their lives unfold up-close. From couple goals to split ups, Kaila has seen it all.

She believes that Showbiz is a place where people go through their own journeys. A lot of things are just illusionary and one must be able to tell it from the truth. Hollywood is known for high profile splits that seldom escapes paparazzi and tabloid readers.

Kaila, being from this very industry, has substantial insight on the world of the super rich and how relationships are a roller coaster ride here. She is best person who could host the inside secrets of Hollywood divorces.

Thus, the viewers can look forward to intriguing content as Kaila unfolds the journey of what is classified in this upcoming documentary.

Documentary was Directed by Alexander Simos currently represented by WME, mostly known for his astonishing World Wide Documentaries. Such as Hollywood Madness, Taff, and New York Madness.

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