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Jordan and Luke Lintz, Brothers And Co-Founders Of One Of Canada’s Most Successful Online Technology Companies




Since 2016, brothers Jordan and Luke Lintz have been dominating the online industry with their numerous companies. Their brand HighKey Holdings Inc, has multiple companies beneath it, including HighKey Technology, HighKey Agency, HighKey Clout, HighKey Real Estate, and HighKey Investments. These companies are valued at over seven figures each, an impressive accomplishment for the duo from Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Providing Customers With Value

Ever since they began their online business with HighKey Tech, Jordan and Luke have tested and produced various products for their clients. Hoodies, hats, a waterproof charging backpack, and face masks are all popular, but HighKey Technology’s best selling item is their wireless earbuds.

For years they’ve been working on designing their product, making sure it’s top quality for every type of customer they get. They’re waterproof, have a pairing range of 45 feet, a battery life of 15+ hours, and have instant pairing capabilities. 

Wireless Earbuds Are For Everyone

The effort put into the company’s best selling product is evident when you take a look at the raving reviews. Their waterproof design is perfect for any weather and swimmers. Their secure fit ensures that no matter how much movement happens, they’ll stay put, and their sound-proofing is ideal for listening to music without any distractions.

Notable fans of the earbuds have been individuals interested in fitness, many of which praise the product’s performance during workouts of all types. This has been a goal for Jordan and Luke because fitness and a healthy lifestyle are significant parts of their lives.

The Importance Of Staying Clear Minded

HighKey Technology’s products reflect their love of fitness, and the company strives to do the same for their employees and staff. Meditation and working out are encouraged for everyone. Working out your mind and body results in a much higher quality of life.

A work environment that encourages new ideas and motivates employees to do their best is what the HighKey brand has worked on perfecting over the years. It has been beneficial for the mindsets of employees and for the growth of the company as a whole.

Social Media Updates

Jordan and Luke are continually sharing updates for their various companies on social media, with each account having hundreds of thousands of followers. As their first company, HighKey Technology has amassed a strong fanbase and is posting daily. They can be found on Instagram, @HighKeyCo, or on their website

Thanking Through Giveaways

Giveaways are huge amongst companies, especially Highkey, with thousands of dollars and prizes being given away each month as a way to give back to followers and customers. Currently, they’re having a Black Friday sale going on until Cyber Monday that will increase a person’s chances of winning. 

When you buy any product you get one giveaway entry per dollar spent, but the sale multiplies that number by five. Instead of one entry per dollar, it’s five! On top of that, there’s a 50% off sale on every product the website offers.

As an extra gift back from HighKey, shoppers have chances to win a $20K cash and prize giveaway, a cash prize of $10K, and an additional three MacBooks and five iPhones will be given out too.

This is the biggest sale the brand’s had all year, and it’s the perfect opportunity to stock up on Christmas gifts while also having the chance to win a grand prize.

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