Introducing The #1 Business Coach For Health & Fitness- Anthony Mendez

Anthony Mendez is a health and fitness entrepreneur and coach with more than 10 years of experience. He is a top-level athlete and a coach for PUMA. He has been in the highest levels of coaching. He is also a business coach for the health and fitness professionals looking to scale their online business to 6 figures or more by leveraging social media’s power.

The results that Anthony Mendez’s clients are getting through his program are massive to be ignored. He has a batch of clients that are already generating $10k-50k per month consistently. Most of the clients make their return on investment within the first month of working with him.

Additionally, the clients are also gaining a massive following on their social media platforms. Mostly between 1k to 3k followers within his 3-month program. Anthony also teaches his clients how to make extra money by working with brands and companies. This brings an extra $5K-$10K per month by working with top tier brands.

Leveraging social media to take businesses to the next level

Anthony is a believer in technology because he has seen it impact his life personally. He knows that social media is the most impactful tool today to generate massive amounts of leads organically without having to spend a single dollar on websites, ads, funnels, and email marketing. He doesn’t dispute them entirely because he knows that they may help in the long-run, but he says that there is no need to waste a lot of money on them while there are social media. Anthony’s system will help and show you how to make 6 figures consistently every year.

Anthony highlights that you need a strong organic system that produces daily results every day consistently. “Without an effective system, you can’t move the needle properly towards success.” He advises. He equates it with running a business, or a government, or a fitness program. To succeed, you ultimately need a system in place.

Anthony teaches a myriad of skills in the program:

1. Building a bulletproof mindset

2. Creating a high optimizing schedule

3. Identify & creating your ideal avatar

4. Creating your core offer

5. Social media content blueprint

6. Lead generation by showing coaches where to find their ideal avatars, how to connect with them properly, building a relationship with them, and closing them over a call on the solution they need to their problem.

7. From there, he teaches coaches how to optimize fully: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, & YouTube.

8. Then, teaches coaches how to launch an impactful campaign for ultimate results.

9. As a bonus, he teaches coaches how to make money by working with the right brands. He shows them how to have the right conversations & proper negotiations with brands to build a strong relationship and receive excellent compensation for the work they put in.

10. Providing the coaches with the proper business tools to run an online business like: waivers, payment forms, prospect funding options, questionnaires, coaching software platforms, and more.

Impacting clients’ lives

Anthony has massively impacted his clients’ lives mentally, physically and financially. During times like this, Anthony has been quintessential to help many health and fitness coaches to earn when they are in their homes and make 6 figures or more per year. He has instilled confidence, a strong mindset, people skills, social media tactics, content creating strategies, and sales tactics into all his clients.

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