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Introducing Cheery Designs: The NYC design studio with a mission to bring people Cheer




Cheery Designs was started in 2019 by graphic designer and artist Elyssa Dorf. She  started the company at a time when she was working her full time job in marketing and attending graduate school in the evenings/weekends. This combination of trying to balance her full time job and to excel in her schooling left her feeling anxious and unable to unwind at night and get to sleep. She turned to doodling as a means of relaxing after her long days of work and school and found that this is what brought her the most peace. After months of creating, Elyssa needed a platform to share all she had made… and Cheery was born! 

Cheery started as only a social media page — a digital gallery to express Elyssa’s  current moods, feelings and thoughts. By popular demand, it first grew into a line of greeting cards from the everyday to special occasions, coining her tagline “make gifts sweeter with a Cheery (card) on top”. Eventually, Cheery took on a new life in the realm of wall art, and now home decor. Today, Cheery is working to become a household name and a staple in decorating with affordable art. 

Cheery Designs varies in its content but is consistent in its theme of bright colors,  positive vibes, and pop culture. Elyssa makes references to her home of NYC and her love of designer brands, but with their own “Cheery Twist”. Cheery, for Elyssa, 

is a mindset and not just a brand. It is a way to view the world, through rainbow colored  glasses. To see the best of people, places, and things is the Cheery way. “In a world full of negativity and hate, Cheery is a welcomed break and makes you feel like a kid again,” Elyssa says. “My favorite feeling to feel is nostalgia and that is what Cheery aims to do… think Lisa Frank meets Jonathon Adler.”

Much like most puzzles and board games, Cheery has no age limit. Between Cheery’s signature and custom pieces, there is something for both the oldest and the youngest member of your family. Whether you are looking to add a pop of color to your dorm room, a motivational message for your classroom, or a family portrait for grandma’s house, Cheery is your go-to for pop art! 

Cheery is currently online only but is often attending pop-up shops in the tristate area. 

To stay up to date on all things Cheery — check out or join the  Cheery Universe at @withacheeryontop.

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