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Instagram Fashion Influence Lena Shares Her Beauty Secret and Secret to IG Success




Lena is an incredibly unique fashion influencer who has managed to capture the attention of over four million followers on the popular social media platform Instagram. Even though she has never shown her face in any of the near-3,000 photos she posted, it is clear that she knows how to look beautiful and stay positive. Every post is like a ray of sunshine that has the power to brighten your day. In fact, people flock to her Instagram page to check out her latest outfit just as much as they come to get uplifted by what she has to say in her captions and Instagram Stories.

It seems that Ukrainian-born Lena knows how to look amazing and stay positive. She has recently shared what her beauty secret is, and you may not have guessed it: it’s kindness. Being kind is a prerequisite for being beautiful in her eyes.

Not only that, but what brings her joy more than anything else in life is seeing other people happy. It is not hard to see why she has become so popular on social media. While her bold and daring choices in colors that sharply contrast one another is a significant pull to her page, so are the uplifting captions and Instagram Stories she shares.

What is interesting is that her Instagram page originally started out a hobby a few years ago. However, it has since then grown rapidly to the point where it has become her part-time job. Unlike many fashion influencers out there, she doesn’t take hours to prepare for a shoot. In fact, it only takes her 5-10 minutes to pick out an outfit! That is almost record time, and yet, she does a flawless job at it every time.

What is her secret to success on an increasingly-crowded social media platform like Instagram? Her secret formula for Instagram success includes having a strong work ethic, being persistent, putting in some hard work, and a little bit of luck.

This formula has not steered her wrong ever since she got serious about Instagramming around three years ago. It’s common for her to receive tens of thousands of likes on every single post. She absolutely loves what she does, and hopes to keep on sharing her bold outfits and uplifting messages with her audience.

Lena has also started to become increasingly vocal about suffering from a chronic condition that adds an extra dimension of humanness to her, beyond what is seen in front of the camera. It is something she struggles with on a daily basis. Yet, instead of allowing it to make her spirit weaker, her resolve becomes stronger. She stays determined to keep sharing beautifully bold outfits with the world because it makes her happier and lifts up others as well.

You can take a trip through Lena’s strikingly vibrant photos on her Instagram page @Panthere_instyle and see all of the great things she has to offer.

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