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In Conversation with Cody Lowry about His Breakout Book ‘Schmooze: What They Should Teach at Harvard Business School’




Schmooze: What They Should Teach at Harvard Business School’ is a life changing book written by Cody Lowry, one that helps readers think positively, try harder, have fun, and “schmooze” their way into the life they want. In this phenomenal book Lowry shares how the events in his life led him to become a motivational force in the lives of others, and achieve the success he was looking for in every aspect of his life.

In this book Cody helps readers look at their lives differently, using humor, and real-life stories to bring his points to life. Readers also learn what the word “schmooze” actually means, and how it can change their lives. He’s used these techniques to make things happen in his life including setting a meeting with the President of the United States in just one week, carrying the torch in the Olympic Torch Relay, being  was gifted a Super Bowl Ring by an NFL Hall of Fame head coach, and getting an autographed baseball from the Pope

‘Schmooze: What They Should Teach at Harvard Business School’ is a must read for anyone looking to unleash their full potential. We were thrilled to have a chance to chat with Lowry and learn more about this amazing thought leader.

All books are written from a place of inspiration, what was the inspiration behind the writing of Schmooze?

The inspiration was clearly the events that happened and continue to happen in my life…..the baseball signed by the Pope … carrying the torch in the Olympic torch relay….the Super Bowl Ring….meeting with President Of The United States..auditioning for Saturday Night Live within a 48 hour time frame. It’s all about the Schmooze and my redefined definition of the word Schmooze….all positive.

On the topic of inspiration you mention Dale Carnegie and his book ‘How to Win Friends & Influence People’, why is this book such an important part of your life and ultimately Schmooze?

Not my words but I will take it. Today we live in the most connected society in the history of the world and yet we are more disconnected than ever before. I believe it’s time to harken back to the good old days when we looked people in the eye when we actually communicated face-to-face when life was more personal and when we actually worked on our inter-personal skills.

Why is motivation and motivating people an integral part of the message Cody Lowry is working hard to deliver to people especially the millennial, baby boomer age group?

Motivation alone is just one integral piece of the schmooze way of life. It’s also about a winning smile about making a great first impression about building relationships… Long lasting relationships it’s about being genuine about being kind to all regardless of class about laughing at yourself about building a personal brand about being a contrarian And it’s about understanding adversity and overcoming adversity. My favorite quote “fall down seven times get up eight”.

If you had to pin-point and pick three things that all schools ‘Should Teach’ what would they be and why? 

The secret sauce… Building long lasting relationships. Build a relationship get the client to trust you and third endeavor to never ever let them down (I have clients on the books for over 30 years). Schmoozing from the podium is a chapter in my book and I believe every college student should be able to get up in front of people and be able to confidently and convincingly share their ideas in to any group. Paying attention to brand is not just for the Coca-Cola’s the Nikes and the Apples of the world it’s also about building your personal brand and understanding the pitfalls one might encounter by neglecting focus on this very important aspect of everyone’s life.

What is one life lesson that every entrepreneur should apply to their business?

I would say that every entrepreneur should understand who their real competition is and it’s not the company they can take market share away. It’s the Ritz Carltons it’s the Disney Worlds The Four Seasons the Chick-fil-A‘s…that are the real competition Because they know that at the core of their success is customer service.

What was the experience like to carry the Torch in the Olympic Relay? Did you ever think to yourself, ‘boy I better not drop this on my run’?

No I didn’t think about dropping the torch but I did think about how is it possible that this kid who  should have clearly should  fallen through the proverbial cracks in life be so honored. Wow!        

To find out more about ‘Schmooze: What They Should Teach at Harvard Business School’ head over to Amazon.

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