In Conversation with Bestselling Author Swannie Batista

Swannie Batista’s new children’s book ‘Everything is No No No!’ has been a mega hit with readers and reviewers, having hit the bestseller list shortly after its release. This books success is no surprise given the amazing visuals and captivating storyline, that has had young readers and their parents enthralled from beginning to end. 

‘Everything is No No No!’ is actually based on a true story about a 20-month-old boy named Ricardo who eventually began to learn what the meaning behind the word, “no” meant at an early age. This fun book is a relatable read for parents who have toddlers between the ages of 1-4. ‘Everything is No No No!’ will teach your little one an important lesson about self-awareness, mindfulness, self-regulation, discipline, and limitations as they grow and become more daring and curious.

Ricardo is actually Batista’s son, having turned real life into an epic book. ‘Everything is No No No!’ is destined to be a hit with readers for years to come. Recently Batista took time out of her schedule to talk about her book, and what is in the lineup for her writing career in 2022.  

Your ‘Everything is No No No’ became a bestseller recently, what was that like for you on a personal and a professional level?

To think that my book went bestseller in multiple categories on a global selling platform like Amazon, was a huge milestone for me.  From a personal standpoint, it was more like, WOW! Ricardo’s chronicles and true stories on his development phases and curiosity are now amongst many households and have become a favorite for families to read to their children.  I was truly humbled by the experience.  From a professional standpoint, was about executing my goal as an upcoming Author.  I have always believed that what we are passionate about gives us something to look forward to each and every morning when we wake up. Not having goals is an excellent recipe for average living. I want to provide a legacy for my family and leave something behind that is fruitful and meaningful.

‘Everything is No No No’ has been very popular with parents and kids on multiple levels. What was one of your challenges when you wrote this book, and conversely one of your successes?

A challenge I faced, was sticking to the original story. I wanted it to be based on Ricardo and his story. Not fiction, not on mythical creatures but a story that motivates and encourages while still being fun.  I wanted my book to promote good, moral values to children. There are thousands of books out there, that are a great read, so I wanted the colors depicted, the font, and the wording to be perfect and ideal for families to read and relate to.  Recently, two libraries, have asked me to put my book into their branches, and a company called Barbershop Books on their ELibrary who works with Scholastic Books.  That was huge for me! Just so honored, and it truly encourages me to be able to continue writing.

‘Everything is No No No’ was inspired by your son. What was it like for you to finish this amazing book knowing that it was about him?

My son Ricardo, is so special.  He is fun, sweet, daring, and inquisitive.  I can’t wait until he truly understands that this book was inspired solely by him. Right now, when I read the book to him, I tell him, “Papi” this little boy is you.  And he looks at me and smiles. 

When writing a children’s book what is one of the keys to creating an engaging story?

I think one of the most important elements is to create a strong tone and character.  Using a rich character creates an outline for the meat of the book.  Also, the illustrations in any book should be engaging, lively, and vivid.  Given this book is ideal for children between 0-5 years old, you have to have illustrations that will keep children interested.  The illustrator I worked with, Magdeline Cuff knew exactly what I wanted and what colors I wanted.  She brought the story to life.

When you finish writing a book, what is your favorite way to celebrate?

The best way to celebrate is to cross off the goal.  Sharing it on multiple platforms, and donating the books. Of course, express gratitude to the family, friends, and others who have supported your journey.  

The talk around town is that you are working on a new book. Is it true? Can you tell our readers about it?

My new book, “Nina the Swan” is also a very special book.  Reminds me of the Danish fairytale, “The Ugly Duckling.”  I am the oldest of three girls.  Although we are very close in age, and according to people look very alike, we are also very different.  Growing up, I was the one with curly hair and my two sisters had wavy to straight hair.  That made me feel different and I did not embrace my hair until I was much older.  My hair was the one insecurity and I always questioned my parents about it.  This book is about a Swan who looks different and is self-conscious about it. She, later on, learns to love herself.  I think this book is so important because it teaches young ones, that beauty is truly within and it’s about accepting who you are.  Children go through so many phases and physical changes, that it’s up to us as their parents to teach them to embrace how they look and to feel comfortable in their own skin.  It’s a beautiful book with a valuable message. It should be published this summer and it’s ideal for children over 5 as it contains more intricate content. 

For more information on Swannie Batista and ‘Everything is No No No!’ head on over to Amazon.

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