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How Travis Guterman Became Successful Years Before Many Of His Industry Counterparts




Being in the business management industry, it’s no surprise that Los Angeles native Travis Guterman’s greatest passion is providing value and top notch service to his clients. He acts as a personal CFO for YouTubers, pro athletes, and entertainers, helping them to make financially sound decisions with their money to ensure they hit their long term financial goals.

Guterman grew up in Los Angeles, and quickly became immersed in the entertainment industry that runs the city. After working hard to gain knowledge and experience through various internships and summer classes throughout high school and college, nobody was surprised when he decided to go into the entertainment industry and work closely with some of the top influencers and personalities on the internet.

In fact, Guterman’s deep understanding of how influential and successful many YouTubers are and how prominent the industry is as a whole gave him a leg up on others in his industry. He realized that many of his much older counterparts overlooked the space completely as a potential client base, and he wasted little time gravitating towards this demographic of clients. He was able to build a stable client base before the age of 30 in an industry where most of his counterparts were many years older, and he hasn’t looked back since.

Even with all of his clients’ success and reach, they all have tremendous respect for Guterman and his honesty when dealing with them. It’s evident that he truly cares about his clients’ long term financial success, and always approaches his client relationships from a perspective of how he can help them rather than how he can profit off of them. He’s also willing to have the hard conversations with his clients about their purchasing decisions, which is tremendously important when most of the people surrounding his clients are “yes” men and don’t have their long term financial well being in mind.

Even with all of the successes he’s seen at an age that’s usually unheard of in his industry, Guterman still values failure. He knows that setbacks are an inevitable part of life, and always seeks to improve from them rather than wallow in his shortcomings and let them have a negative impact on his career. These setbacks have set him up for anything that life throws at him in his career, and his success goes to show that this mentality has been huge for his growth as both a professional and a person.

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