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How to manage daily life stress ?




Stress is part of being human that can not be avoided, and it helps you get things at times. While a little stress is okay, some stress is actually beneficial, a lot of stress can be troublesome. Too much to stress can wear you down and affect you adversely both mentally and physically. 

The first step to controlling too much of stress is to know its symptoms. But recognizing the symptoms is tough than one thinks. Most of us are so habituated that we don’t know we’re stressed until its the breaking point. 

You will need to consult your doctor if you feel low or troubled for more than a few weeks. Also, if it starts to hinder in your daily work or home life. While therapy and medication can help try these things at home to manage your stress. 


Physical activities help you get better sleep, and better sleep aids stress. People who exercise tend to get better deep, slow waves of sleep, which helps renew the brain and body. Exercise also seems to help revive mood. Exercising stimulates hormones that help block pain, improve sleep and sedate you. 

It also helps you feel less anxious and more positive about themselves. Running, swimming, dancing are some exercises you can try. 


The benefit of eating healthy foods influences your mental health. A healthy diet helps you reduce stress, build immunity, enhance your mood and more. There are countless benefits to a healthy diet. Antioxidants help too, by protecting against the chronic damage that stress causes. Adding fruits and green vegetables, rich in antioxidants to your diet can be helpful. 


A common side effect of stress is the inability to sleep. If this happens three times or more in a week and for more than three months, you might have insomnia. 

Try sleeping properly, as sleep helps improve stress. Make a few habits that help you build a sleep routine; 

  • Get some sunlight
  • Work out regularly
  • Drink less caffeine and alcohol


Amy is a single mother of a baby girl. She writes news as a part-time journalist for multiple news portals. She is an experienced journalist with a master's degree in Journalism.