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How Is Transforming The Real Estate Lead Generation Industry Through Recent Massive Strides



on (@generateagentleads) is a real estate technology and marketing company, known to be one of the fastest growing real estate technology startups in 2021. Through the generateagentleads proprietary CRM, they help high performing real estate teams and brokers generate and convert leads at scale in a complete done for you setting. The software enables agents and brokers to qualify leads and build relationships from the first step all the way until sending listings and putting leads on long term nurture drips. The goal is to allow for a centralized platform to generate new business at scale with the agent completely in charge of how much they spend on marketing. A very goal driven and well qualified team, consists of engineers, real estate coaches, sales consultants and marketing experts who’ve spent millions of dollars on advertising. The team at generateagentleads recently launched their digital agent accelerator program to accompany agents, teams and brokers perfect their sales process in conjunction with the CRM. The digital agent accelerator program includes done for you lead generation with online lead sales consulting on lead conversion as well as scaling up with a real estate team while being extremely capital efficient. LTD

Business contact information: LTD
6060 Silver Dr, Burnaby BC V5H 2Y3
P: 604-902-5249

Who Are You: is a real estate technology company.

What do you do?

We help real estate agents, teams and brokerages perfect their sales process and scale while being extremely capital efficient using the lates marketing strategies to generate and convert leads.

What is your niche?

Real estate

What is your offer?

We help real estate agents triple their commissions in 90 days using data driven marketing to target buyer and seller leads that will convert.

What type of results have you seen with your offer?

On average, our agents 5-6X their investment at minimum over the span of 1 year.

What is special about you, or your offer?

We put our money where our mouth is and offer 1 closing guaranteed as part of our offer. This is a method of risk reversal for our customers and our customers typically see a much larger return on investment than this.

What can potential clients/ customers expect when working with you?

Our average customer learns about the bottleknecks in their sales process and works with a team of experts to solve the problem of lead conversion. Once this is dialed in, our customers typical scale up ad spend and start to build teams which can be done with very little capital. An instance of this is to use trained virtual assistants to delegate tasks and book appointments.

What is your life changing result?

We help real estate professionals who have little to no clarity on acquiring clients put in proven systems to generate and convert leads at scale while being extremely efficient with capital.

What is your Instagram username + link:


What is your website:

What is your offer’s name/ link to funnel:

Digital agent accelerator

Link to funnel:

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