How Chike Trades Became a Successful Stock Trader

There are thousands of ways to make money, and Chike Ozigbo has found his method in a big way. Growing up from humble beginnings, Chike has painted an image of one day becoming wealthy, and being able to give back to his hard-working mother who supported him at the beginning of his life. Now, it seems that Chike Ozigbo will finally get the chance to do so.

Chike Ozigbo worked as a nurse, and although he was making a steady income, he still yearned to do better. His opportunity came when he talked to a friend in the stock trading business. Chike Ozigbo’s friend taught him the basics, and soon Chike was starting to trade on his own. He took $10k that he had saved, and opened up a brokerage account. Unfortunately, his first try didn’t go as hot as he was hoping. In the first year, Chike lost all of the $10k that he started with.

Chike Ozigbo, despite the massive loss, continued forward. Having a good head on his shoulders, he learned from his mistakes and came back with newfound knowledge of the business. Starting a new account with just $5k, Chike was able to flip that into over $20k in just a year’s time. Seeing his first major success in trading, Chike would go on to borrow another $20k, and with a total of $40k going into the next year, Chike came out on top with $500k after another 12 months. With success coming in big, Chike has plans to continue trading, with hopes to continue growing his success for years to come.

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