“Jimmy Choo” Song is Set to Release this June 15th

StaJe was studying in college and he was a very good football player that is at Alabama State University. His best friend was Nick in the university. StaJe noticed that Nick used to wear these shoes always while going to clubs. StaJe one day came up with an offer of exchanging the shoes, which Nick dismissed. He asked him what was this brand, and Nick said Jimmy Choo!

StaJe liked a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes which were bold and glamorous, and he and his friend nick loved this glamorous brand at the first look.  StaJe did not know much about fashion at that time, he did not know the value of these shoes and the purpose of it. Then on Friday night staje and nick used to visit clubs and after a few drinks, ladies would walk up to nick and that gave StaJe first-hand look on how these shoes worked.  

The ladies would first notice the bright red Jimmy Choo shoes which were worn by Nick. The ladies used to compliment Nick and this helped Nick to get in smooth conversations with them. When they got back home, StaJe asked if this is how he picked up on girls, Nick said “YES”. People know the love to get seen by the best ladies in the club wearing Jimmy Choo. This gives them a sense of satisfaction and fashion which very few have and StaJe loved it. 

In the year 2017, StaJe wrote a song very casually lying next to his companion whose shoes got complimented at first glance and that is where it all started.

This is a Jimmy Choo song of his that comes out on June 15 and people are waiting for it and it is going to be special. Not only waiting but very keenly waiting for it as there is lots of hype around it. 

It will be accompanied by a music video, which is going to be fun and also has a story with a message which is basically on materialism rules, which are connected to people’s relationship of 21st century and this is going to be something different, and looks like people are going to love it. 

This is going to be an event and people are waiting for this. It is in anticipation of something special which is going to present something different and people are expected to love it completely.

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