Fitness Expert and TV Host, Alexandre Marx Carneiro, is a New Sensation in the Fitness Training World

Alexandre Marx Carneiro, fitness trainer, personal coach, and TV host, is receiving a positive response for his excellent work in the world of fitness. Through his hard work and passion for fitness, Alex has gained a lot of knowledge and experience related to fitness. And he is sharing all his experiences in offering training to pro athletes, celebrities, and common people.

The Brazilian native was raised in Rome, Ecuador, and Santiago de Chile, and he has a deep understanding of diverse cultures as well as languages. At the young age of 17, his elder brother took him to a gym and it completely changed his world. Since then, Alex Carneiro is associated with the fitness industry.

Due to his passion for fitness, Alexandre took his B.S in Kinesiology and nutrition in Colorado at the mere age of 18. What makes him special is he keeps in mind the requirements of every client and accordingly prepares a fitness program to help him improve his fitness as well as health. Moreover, he also offers personal coaching online at a global level.

Alex Carneiro has shared his views on fitness and health in his maiden published book titled, “Fitting In – The Mask of Health” in 2017 to spread awareness about holistic health in society. Along with his fiancee, Alex is currently running a fitness studio, MODEVO FITNESS to offer fitness training to his clients.

He has got over 13 years of experience in the field of sports performance, contest preps, sports, health and wellness nutrition, ergogenic aid supplementation, etc. At the age of 23, Alexandre was the first Brazilian professional Physique athlete at Mr. Olympia. In addition to this, TV personality and fitness expert is featured on the covers of many international magazines due to his exceptional work in the fitness industry.

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