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How Ali Ahmed Almohannadi’s childhood passion for marketing and strategy motivated him to become a market leader




Our childhood experiences help shape and define us. Often when we are young a seed is sown which will later develop into a lifelong interest or career. When Ali Ahmed Almohannadi began working with his uncle’s company at the age of 15 he had no idea it would ignite a spark that would go on to become an all-consuming and burning passion.

Fast forward ten years or so and that passion has made Ali a renowned leader in the field of marketing and strategy. Yet the founder of Kinfolks Co is the first to acknowledge that if it wasn’t for firsthand experience of an actual business at an early age, his latent passion for marketing and management would have probably remained unrealised and unfulfilled.

“Being around my uncle’s business was a real eye-opener,” explained Ali. “I learned on the job how to manage people properly and get the best out of them. I also studied without realising how to communicate effectively and what business practices worked best. I also realised I had a real passion and skill for marketing and strategy, to the point it became something of an obsession of mine.”

A young Ali wasted no time in putting his newfound skills to use and began helping his friends manage their social media accounts and grow their audience. Yet life has a habit of getting in the way of our dreams and passions, and when he graduated from high school, Ali opted to study science at Coventry University, as opposed to business.

After graduating with a BSc in analytical chemistry and forensic science, Ali finally decided to pursue his true calling and signed up for business management and marketing courses.

Pursuing his lifelong passion was liberating for Ali, and after college he founded marketing and management firm, Kinfolks Co. His company has completed hundreds of marketing projects in a variety of industries and Ali has earned renown as a market leader in his field.

Ali explained, “If life has taught me anything, it’s to listen to your heart in all matters. I fell in love with marketing and strategy from an early age, but for a while I focused my energies elsewhere. It is always a mistake to try and fit a round peg into a square hole. I would advise anyone to follow their true calling and what they excel at in life.”


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