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Hollywood Movie to be made about Influencer Carly Nogawski




Carly Nogawski’s blogging journey all began in 2016 when she set off on a year-long trip around the world with her partner, Aaron. She had just graduated college and planned to become a teacher, but knew she needed to see the world before she put down any roots at home. It is no surprise a Hollywood movie is in commission about her life.

So, she gathered all her money, booked a 1-way ticket to Thailand, and embarked on the most life-changing year of her life. 20 countries, over 50 cities, and countless flights later- she learned what it was like to truly LIVE in the present moment, and knew that her love for travel would only continue to grow deeper.

We’re well into the digital age says Carly on her latest story! What this means for you as a business is that you can’t afford to ignore certain key digital technology aspects, like social media, if you’re looking to sustain your brand’s existence for the foreseeable future. With Generation-Z and millennials now forming the majority of the global consumer percentage, businesses have to leverage such ubiquitous online platforms to reach more prospective consumers within this tech-savvy demographic. Facebook alone boasts an active user count of 2.4 billion as of mid-2019. By posting engaging content on this platform about your products and services, while simultaneously using it to share links to your website; you’ll be able to substantially boost your lead generation. Other popular social sites that you could use to establish a connection with prospective consumers include Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Instagram is more than just an app for pretty photos, it has become a tool used by creators from all different fields to express and show their art to the world, whether you be a painter, a makeup artist or a comedian; Instagram can be a space where you can express your voice freely. If you’re lucky (and with the right bit of help) people may start to listen.

Social media influencers, basically, are popular social media personalities (usually, celebrities); whose huge audiences you can leverage to market your brand’s services/products. All at a fee, of course! Influencers have proven to be a very effective marketing avenue for most enterprises, especially smaller brands that are looking to build brand awareness with online audiences but haven’t yet built a substantial social media following. However, for your influencer marketing campaign to be successful, it’s crucial to settle on an influencer whose field of interest corresponds to whatever services or products your business offers. You’re likely to build more leads with such an influencer, as the resonance will accord your campaign an air of authenticity. What’s more, influencer marketing will not only reel in more prospects but also help you attract more quality prospects; as the site visitors coming to your website via a link on an influencer’s social media page is more likely to be genuinely interested in your services.

With experience as a full-time environmentalist and part time journalist, Lisa heads the post of editor at California Herald. She covers all the significant proceedings in the world of Environment while editing all the news pieces posted over the website to ensure everything aligns with the journalistic format.

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