Here’s How Vishal Jain Is Revolutionizing The Digital Marketing World

It is not often that we come across success stories of young entrepreneurs who are able to earn a name for themselves without any type of support – because only a few people are able to do that. One of these is Vishal Jain.

Hailing from India, Vishal Jain is a young entrepreneur and the founder of Sunshy Group of Companies, a corporate group that holds 5 companies – all founded by Vishal himself. 

It is hard to believe but the 23 years old started his business without any financial support from anyone. Four years ago, he dropped out of college to pursue his passion. However, he did not want anyone’s support so he looked for ways to earn money online, and that is when he came across Fiverr, a freelance platform for individuals to earn money in exchange for providing services.

Vishal signed up on the platform and the next thing he knew, he was working 20 hours a day to earn only $30 in a month. From data research and entry to transcribing and providing virtual assistant services, Vishal did it all just so he could save money and start his own business. 

Soon, he realised that there is a lot of demand for social media marketing and designing services, so he decided to equip himself with those skills and earn more money. After spending hours going through several Youtube videos and reading hundreds of articles on Quora, Vishal finally learned how digital marketing works. 

After providing these services on Fiverr and other freelancing sites for some time, Vishal was finally able to start his first business, Sunshy Digital Media Agency, is a marketing agency that has the expertise needed to deliver quality, cost-effective internet marketing services that yield high-end results. 

Their services include building quality websites, writing high-quality content and effectively marketing your products and services on social media platforms. The company was able to earn a total revenue of $150K in the first year, which was proof of Vishal’s dedication towards his passion. 

Soon, Vishal founded two more businesses in the same category – Realstagram and Social Media Marketing Specialist. Both of these companies provide specialised digital marketing services that help generate more leads, sales and influence.

One of Vishal’s agency Realstagram’s main focus is only on Instagram marketing. “Most of my past and existing clients either approached me through Instagram or wanted services for their Instagram page. I took this as a clue and decided to shift my focus to Instagram marketing,” he said, adding that he also makes use of other social media platforms whenever he deems fit.

Surprisingly, Vishal did not spend even a penny on learning these skills. “Nowadays, everything is available on the internet. I made use of all the resources I could get online for free and taught myself these skills without spending any money on them,” says Vishal.

Vishal is also the author of an eBook, Journey To A Million Dollars, in which he has shared tips and tricks that he himself uses to make his clients’ Instagram pages more attractive which leads to growth in leads, sales and collaboration work. The main reason why he wrote this book was “to guide young, aspiring entrepreneurs who want to enter this field but are struggling to do so”.

Vishal’s determination, combined with his hard work, has definitely taken him to heights of success. Indeed, to stand out of the herd and make your own way does not come easy but in the end, it is always worth your while to be patient and all the while persevere till you get what you want.

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