Bag and Bones – One of the Biggest LED brands in London and Dublin

Bag and Bones, an edgy LED neon art label that hails from both London and Dublin, creates some seriously swoon worthy pieces for your home. Instagram influencers are falling over themselves trying to land a collaboration with this cool and quirky brand that is sending shock waves through the interior decor world.

Here, we look at the reasons that they are fast becoming one of the most lusted over brands.

  • Their pieces make a statement

With light installations that spell out phrases such as ‘Be Kind’, ‘Wouldn’t It Be Nice’ and ‘Rockstar’, Bag and Bones certainly know how to make art with an impact. Their graphic pieces are fun and a massive conversation starter too. This is particularly true of the images  of lips, or outlines of breasts, or more pop art inspired pieces like smiley faces and stilettos.

  • Give a room a focal point

Working in conjunction with making a statement, any Bag and Bones piece that is put up on display creates a focal point in a room that is lacking a little something. As a result, they are a great finishing touch to a room that needs something a bit extra in terms of styling.

  • Introduce colour

A lot of us are guilty of painting our rooms in neutrals or using neutral colours to ensure that everything in our homes match. Often we do so in the hope that our interiors do not date quickly or so we have more scope to introduce colour with our furniture choices further down the line. Yet, so many of us still steer well clear of making a colourful foray for fear that our decision is too ‘out there’. That’s another reason why Bag and Bones installations are great – they are a fantastic and easy way of introducing colour to a room.

  • Full of personality

One of the reasons these pieces by the art label are so successful visually and are able to give rooms focal points so easily, is that they are brimming full of personality. Colourful phrases in LED neon lights such as ‘You’re My Fave’ or small lightning bolts, are humourous without being difficult to install. They are a very quick fix for a room that needs to make more of a statement about you as the homeowner.

  • Environmentally friendly

Finally, Bag and Bones light installations are great thanks to being made from environmentally friendly LED neon lighting strips. Often, light installations take far more energy to run than these pieces from Bag and Bones, plus they are only suitable for certain locations as they are fragile and easy to break. Bag and Bones pieces are robust enough even for a nursery setting.

So what are you waiting for? With prices starting from as little as just £39.99, Bag and Bones make works of art that are affordable as well as a much wanted installation perfect for any bare wall in your home.

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