David Koch the International Topmodel; the face of the new Givenchy Campaign

Givenchy Campaign always comes up with a beautiful theme with top models and Hollywood stars. These year 2020 they started with a bang in January with couple collection Marc Jacobs and Charlotte were the poster couple.

Their theme is always decided for every season every year and celebs wait for their campaign photos and videos.

These year 2020 David Koch International Top Model is their face for new Givenchy Campaign 2020.

David Koch, we all know is a supermodel and he has been the front of many top brands before. His lean and dusty looks have always marketed brands to top.

David Koch has the face and Physique, which is perfect for brands. So this supermodel regularly comes in pictures for magazines and campaigns.

In modelling, women always get an advantage as many feel fashion is all about women. But thanks to big brands that they understood men too need some fashion direction.

So GQ, Armani, Calvin Klein and Givenchy try to bring the most high-grade collection in every season to allure more people towards their campaigns. Classy suits, to different wears, they bring extraordinary collection for every age man of the world.

So for this campaign, they need top models a known faces like David Koch, who can represent their brand beautifully to their followers. David Koch has been a household name in the modelling world. In the past also he has worked with these top brands.

This year Givenchy Campaign will be different and exciting, so they need a face will suits best in the pictures and who better than top International model David Koch.

It will be interesting to see how this Givenchy Campaign 2020 goes. Marc Jacobs and Charlotte were seen in January 2020 couple collections. Now it’s David Koch time to be a face of 2020 Givenchy Campaign new collection.

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