Here’s How Dr. Parham Yashar Is Impacting the Lives of Hundreds of People through His Relentless Neurosurgical Skills

Dr. Parham Yashar is a widely known neurosurgeon in the surroundings of Los Angeles, San Fernando, and Santa Clarita. His services are known to be one of the best in the field of neurosurgery. He is a double board-certified neurologist with a broader array of expertise and specialization.

Originally from the faraway land of Iran, Dr. Yashar is an Iranian American who moved to the United States with his family when he was a kid. His family always emphasized the role of education in life, which led Yashar to put all his focus on his education. Dr.Yashar’s journey started when he got to know more about the field of medicine at Van Nuys high school through a medical magnet program. From there, he went to UCL and graduated in Cybernetics. 

Seeking his lifelong dream of becoming a doctor and helping people with their pain, Dr. Yashar completed his medical school education at the Feinberg school of medicine at Northwestern University in Chicago. Further, he finished his neurosurgical residency at Keck school of medicine/LA County + USC Medical Center and a fellowship in endovascular neurosurgery at the University at Buffalo.

Dr. Yashar has always been relentless and dedicated to helping his patients understand their medical issues and know the procedures they are getting. To fulfill his dream, he left his running neurosurgical practice and started Yashar Neurosurgery. 

Dr. Yashar adheres to the principle of “patience for patients.” This process ensures that the patients are actively listened to, not merely heard. Your questions are thoroughly answered rather than just dealt with. At Yashar Neurosurgery, He ensures that there are no such things as too many concerns or questions. After all, neurosurgery is a significant life event that might be frightening if you are kept in the dark about it.

Through his personalized care and concern for his patients, Dr. Yashar affirms his patients that their spine treatment plan is outlined in clear language, without omitting anything that is “not vital enough” to discuss. The neurosurgeon-patient connection is precisely that: a partnership. Dr. Yashar emphasizes open communication and a thorough consultation process with all of his patients.

Throughout his life, Dr. Yashar believed in dedicating his life to provide better and effective medical services. Hard work, perseverance, and dedication were always his priority in the journey of achieving his ambitions. As the field of medicine demands, Dr. Yashar is constantly learning from every experience on a daily basis to stay up-to-date on the latest techniques, technologies, and treatments for providing the best possible care to his patients. 

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