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Graham Kramer’s Kramer Advertising is Helping Businesses Find Their Feet




Digital Marketing is becoming increasingly important. As traditional media like newspapers and television are losing viewership, businesses are flocking to the more modern, digital platforms like social media to do their advertising. The presence of social media platforms have skyrocketed since their inception, and Graham Kramer is taking advantage of this through his company Kramer Advertising.

Growing up in a business-minded household, Graham knew he wanted to have his own business, and after recognizing the opportunity that the rise in social media gave him, he started his digital marketing journey. Since then, Graham has worked with many major companies, including MTV, Allergen, Rolling Loud, Pink Dolphin, and a handful of famous DJs. These may be big-time clients, but Kramer Advertising also works with smaller clients as well.

Graham has been helping smaller scale online-centric businesses find their feet in the digital age. Using his digital marketing expertise, Graham can help a business grow to receive world-wide recognition. Motivated by his success, Graham tells us that the most rewarding part of his job is seeing brands grow and meet their goals. Not only does Graham get the opportunity to mentor and share his experience with clients, but he also is able to learn a thing or two from them as well.

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