Layne Schmerin: Keep on Working with your Full Heart as there are no Shortcuts to the Success

Layne Schmerin

Layne Schmerin is one of the most creative and innovative digital marketer in the world right now with a network of over 50 million. Started in a music industry where he worked with big names like Macklemore is now helping out people in the digital world  with his digital marketing agency Top Tree which he started with his brother Jonathan Lepow.

We got a chance to interview this inspiring young man where he told us about his work and many more things.

How did it all  started for you?

I was working in music industry and at that point of time I lost my brother Brandon due to cancer. I saw his struggle which motivated me to start my own agency to make people aware about the medical benefits of cannabis and also to  promote my own cannabis brand.

So basically you started Top Tree to promote your own brand . What was the reason that you started working with others and helping others out?

In the starting me and Lepow weren’t sure that our techniques will work but gradually we realised that it was giving us desired result so we thought we will help out others who wants to grow their brands .As our methods were producing results for us we thought that there are many people who are figuring out how to grow their brands it will be best for them to work with us and get the desired results in less span of time.

What are the methods you follow to grow your associates brand and do you have unique approach for your every associates?

We basically use four steps and according to the results till today they are very effective. Basically we start by growing the account organically  and then we start to generate traffic and after that we optimise the traffic and in the end we run ad campaigns to target the desired audience and this is how we work.

The processes are same for every clients as they are very effective but the contents and the approach are unique for every client according to their need.

So with whom you are working , like you can share a little bit about your clients and how is it all going for you?

Right  now we are associated with Atlantic Records, Advanced Nutrients, Kushy Punch and many more other big names in the game. Everything is going very smooth and we have a very healthy relationship with our clients which helps us in working smoothly as working without stress is more productive.

What is next for you and  any piece of advice for upcoming digital marketers?

I will continue to do the hard work like I am doing it right now and will see how it turns out.

And for youngsters, “love your work and be passionate about it”. And keep in mind that you will fail but don’t stop untill unless you get what you want. All the hard work will pay off eventually. So keep on working with your full heart as there are no shortcuts to the success.

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