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Good Monster (Macros) vs. Bad Monster (Pandemic); the Race with Time – Saves Time in a Pandemic




Even though there’s a quarantine or “stay at home” movement going on, the time still seems to be moving right along regardless.

Well, it’s time to start being creative and capturing the best out of every minute.

People often find themselves confused in the excuses like, “Man !, there’s not enough time in a day” or “Geeez! I don’t have time for that!” I guess the universe slowed us all down for a quick second. So why not make the best of this.

Who haven’t we talk to in a while? – Time to make that call.

When have we made some revisions to our list of goals or things to do? – Time to dust off that list and make new goals.

One formal definition of Time is the measured or measurable period during which an action, process, or condition exists or continues. We all have the exact amount every single day, and like they say, it’s what we do with it that really matters!

You can take this time to choose an app to write down or take notes to get better use of your time. For most of the people, their mind flows better with pen and paper than a digital application.

I guess, you have to start somewhere. I was told some of the Best note-taking apps are out there and available for free. To name a few you can look at :

Simple note

My new motto during this “Stay At Home” is going to be “write it down”; make it happen. You can try that too. I recently read that Einstein said the only real reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once. Well, looking back seems like a blurr! Seems like it all happened…yup,….at once.

Timely meals and mastering the time is going to become another high priority for many people now, and I know you heard this before, but if you do not want to wait in long lines, save some time and decrease your exposure at the store. Eating right is the call of this pandemic, and there is an absolute need of minimizing exposure outside in the grocery stores in the midst of this pandemic. But that doesn’t mean every meal has to be expensive. You can have affordable great meals delivered to your doorsteps as well.

Monster Macros Meal Prep service is providing contact-less delivery of meals, right at the doorsteps of households in LA county region of Southern California. Please take a look at their offerings this week!

If you know someone who needs meals, a little help, they want to save some time, or they are facing some financial challenges, you can order some for them! Just put their address in the delivery instructions and the company will place it on their porch on Sunday!

As per the website and the company, due to the potential shortage, some meals may have variations. Order Deadline is Thursday at Midnight.

NOTICE: In the spirit of social distancing and no contact rules, if any of you have their insulated bags, please leave them out for exchange if you will not be home. Make sure to leave them an ice chest or insulated bag on your porch.

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