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Full Review – MindStir Media Book Publishing: One of the Best Self-Publishing Companies




MindStir Media exploded onto the publishing scene in 2009 and has become a leading self-publishing company in the United States. After 12 years in business, MindStir Media has supported thousands of authors through its various author services. Unlike the DIY publishing options on the market, MindStir concentrates on being a full-service option for authors, making self-publishing more accessible and feasible for a larger number of authors.

What services does MindStir Media provide to authors?

MindStir Media has several unique selling propositions. The first notable service is the mentoring that MindStir’s clients receive from bestselling author J.J. Hebert, whose books have won nine literary awards. J.J. Hebert has been seen in Forbes, Inc and Entrepreneur Magazines, along with Yahoo Finance. He’s known as the Self-Publishing Guru according to The Good Men Project. Obviously, he’s an expert in the field. Hebert’s author mentoring program consists of him sharing his knowledge with his clients, guiding them through book marketing and other important publishing topics. The mentoring is included in his Premium Mentoring & Self-Publishing Packages sold through MindStir Media.

Another noteworthy service are the two endorsement publishing packages that allows MindStir authors to receive book endorsements from bestselling author J.J. Hebert and a Shark from Shark Tank. Unknown authors can choose these options and get endorsed by experts who can help move the needle in terms of credibility and sales.

Some other important services include: book design, editing, illustration, printing, distribution, marketing and book publicity. As a matter of fact, MindStir is one of the top-ranked book publicity firms in the nation. They offer a 3 month publicity campaign for authors for a very reasonable price compared to traditional book PR agencies.

Who runs MindStir Media?

MindStir Media is an independently owned publishing company, founded by bestselling author J.J. Hebert. To this day, Hebert is still heavily involved as the CEO in the day to day operations of the company. As mentioned above, he is a renowned expert in self-publishing. His fingerprints are all over the services that MindStir Media sells. The company’s official website states several times that many of the services are hand-picked by Hebert based on his own success.

Does bestselling author J.J. Hebert work with MindStir’s author clients?

J.J. Hebert works with MindSitr Media clients through his mentoring program. Clients can communicate with him via email or through phone consultations by scheduling appointments in advance. Authors at MindStir Media are also fully supported by a professional team that Hebert assembles, including a project manager, the liaison between the design/editorial team and the author.

Who Uses MindStir Media?

MindStir Media is the ideal option for those authors who don’t want to handle all the elements of self-publishing by themselves while still maintaining control over their work. MindStir Media touts the fact that they work with authors through non-exclusive contracts; therefore, authors considering MindStir can rest assured that they won’t be giving up rights to their work.

Another segment of MindStir’s client base includes authors who have already published their books elsewhere but need help with marketing and publicity, which is where MindStir’s 3 month PR campaign comes in. Marketing and publicity can be the two most challenging parts of any book publishing project, so any author should seriously consider outsourcing these tasks to the experts at MindStir Media to save time and avoid pitfalls.

MindStir Media Review Recap

MindStir Media is the choice for you if you want to self-publish but don’t want to handle it all yourself. When you publish through MindStir Media you’ll have a complete team supporting you, including bestselling author J.J. Hebert as your mentor along the way. MindStir can also help your previously published book reach new heights through their renowned book publicity campaigns. Go to to learn more about the company and request a free consultation.

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