From Startup to Success

It is a common thought that people who own large businesses are already established or have a strong financial backup. But this is not always the case. Businesses that soar high today had started from the bottom at some point.

According to research and statistics, there are over twenty-eight million small business owners in the US alone. From flower shops to taco vans, the small businesses in America make up to $8.5 trillion of all business revenues across the nation. This figure is just a numerical representation that shows the potential small businesses have. But nothing worth having comes easy.

Growing a small business can be challenging. Different problematic situations and opportunities demand different solutions. The success of a small business depends on the efforts the owner puts into it. Spice Organic LLC is one of the many small businesses that began from a small setup and now has a global reputation.

The Success Story of a Local Indian Spice Retailer to a Global Spice Brand

Businesses do not begin with stability. Entrepreneurship comes with a constant feeling of uncertainty and foreboding. But with persistent hard work and smart decisions, any small business can experience huge turnovers in a short time.

Spice Organic LLC is an India-based global spice brand that has raised the bar high for many entrepreneurs and small business owners and has proved that with the right direction and dedication, anything in the world can be achieved.

The business originated in Lisora, a small city in Uttar Pradesh in India. It was a local spice shop owned by Sunil Kumar’s parents that began its business in the 1980s. As a small venture, it only had customers within the city, but the quality of the spices spoke for itself, and soon its customer base began growing.

The family had focused on the quality of their products since the beginning and never compromised on it. Although the family did not have a professional business background, they knew the basics and firmly followed them. The dream of expanding the business was always present at the back of their minds, but they focused on establishing themselves as a reliable spice shop first.

The products of this local spice shop were sourced from the best farms. The entrepreneur family apprehended the importance of organic farming. They wanted their spices to be free from pesticides and chemicals and were mindful about sustaining the natural environment by keeping their manufacturing processes green and eco-friendly.

After receiving a positive response from their customers and increasing demand for their spices in the market, the family knew that it was now time for them to take the next big step. In 2000, the owners of Spice Organic LLC moved to Texas along with their business. It was a courageous move that many would think twice before taking. But the confidence and trust in their growing business in India pushed the family to take a bold risk.

Things were not smooth from the beginning. The family often had to move back and forth between the two countries to keep their business stable. Managing a full-fledged business overseas is not an easy task. But the passion for making the business reach the top kept the family driven. Sunil and his family had bestowed their faith in their Indian farmers and mediators and trusted them completely with the quality of their products.

The decision to move their business abroad turned out to be a great one as there was a huge Indian and South-Asian consumer base in America that yearned for high-quality Indian spices. Spice Organic LLC was one of the first few Indian companies that took advantage of the untapped overseas market.

Spice Organic LLC’s aromatic, flavorful, and vibrantly colored spices were an instant hit in the States. The company’s adherence to hygiene, top-notch packaging, and eco-friendly farming and spice processing methods satisfied the customers.

This spice company aims to provide their premium quality organic spices to their customers to enjoy the explosion of aroma, colors, and flavors that clean organic spices can bring to the nose, eye, and palate. Spice Organic LLC focuses on providing clean, organically grown food to people everywhere, not only to ensure supreme taste but also due to the fact that fresh and biologically grown produce has undoubted health benefits.

Today, the entrepreneur family are the proud owners of their home-grown business that has transformed into a global brand. Spice Organic LLC’s popularity in the States motivated them to add more organic products such as teas and essential oils to their product line. This company is currently soaring to new heights and wishes to expand throughout America and the rest of the world.

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