USA President Joe Biden removes the diet coke button

US President Joe Biden took charge of the office as the 46th president of the United States. On the first day, he eliminates Trump’s diet coke button from the White House work area.

Biden has pivoted the Oval Office’s vibe with one entertaining change seen by a telecaster named Tom Newton Dunn, the expulsion of the Diet coke button from the desk.

Joe Biden has already reversed ongoing Trump’s policies on the environment, immigration and the COVID-19 pandemic battling. But, telecaster Tom Newton saw one interesting change on the absolute first day, removing the Diet Coke button’s evacuation.

Dunn said that when he talked with previous President Donald Trump at the White House with another writer, his work area had a peculiar red catch. At last, he understood that when Trump pressed the button, a steward quickly presented to him a Diet Coke with a royal flair.

Dunn took this to his Twitter handle and shared two ‘at that point and now’ pictures of President Biden and previous President Trump in the workplace. His subtitle read, “President Biden has eliminated the Diet Coke button. When @ShippersUnbound and I talked with Donald Trump in 2019, we got entranced by what the little red catch did. In the long run, Trump squeezed it, and a steward quickly got a Diet Coke with a royal flair. It’s gone at this point.”

Reaction from Netizens

After Dunn shared the news, the tweet in a flash became a web sensation. It accumulated more than 116.5k preferences and throughout 23.4k retweets at the hour of composing this. Netizens took to the comments section to communicate their opinions on this change.
Most netizens were happy to see that American democracy and stability can return to its original form, even with this small change. It also became a significant meme sensation on the internet. It can be expected more and more because Bernie Sanders was a major trending meme sensation recently. Maybe this can beat it! However, as for now, Bernie is winning the meme race quite easily.

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