Rock your Quarantine with David Otto on Zoom

Feeling a little locked down right about now? Well, we’ve got some good news for you. Singer-songwriter David Otto has two upcoming Zoom shows. Want to feel like you’re in front row seats to the liveliest show in town?  Try the liveliest show on the worldwide web. Join David as he performs his biggest hits, live on Zoom, February 13 and May 2, 2021. Whether you’re a longtime David Otto fan or a new enthusiast, stuck with cabin fever, or you’ve just finished all of Netflix, there’s a fresh new show to see and enjoy.

So, let’s fill you in on what those longtime fans already know. Whether he’s going solo or rocking the two-piece act, David Otto’s music is full of experimental twists. His sound is a little bit Pearl Jam, a little bit Foo, a healthy dose of Sugar and Bob Mould, an exciting hint of Nine Inch Nails. The songs are all different, the riffs are a surprise, and the music doesn’t follow the garden path. David works all the notes and all the spaces in between, leading you someplace new and unexpected.

If you’ve been missing the hard-rocking, heart-pounding growl of the post-grunge era, David Otto is where you’re going to find it. If you’re new to the David Otto music scene, welcome to a world of undiscovered gems that’ll wake you up from that current-music coma. From experimental to funky to romantic to heavy metal, you’ll get a piece of every pie – and speaking of pie, yes, Otto will be performing kinky favorite “Chocolate Strawberry Marshmallow” and other fan favorites from his catalogue: the thumpingly rebellious “4 Blade Fan”, the fantastically energetic “Etc.”, and the heartfelt ballad “The Girl Inside”, just to name a few.

Lifelong musician David Otto strikes positive notes in more ways than just in his music.  He comes from a family tradition of service to others. He credits his mother, Mary, for teaching him the importance of giving back.  Care to guess who else thanked Mary? Try Queen Elizabeth, twice, in letters that thanked Otto’s mother for her lifetime of humanitarian work. 

David Otto, himself, is active in humanitarian efforts and community organizations that offer disaster relief and promote environmental awareness.  Portions of his ticket sales go to charities like the Red Cross. Otto, who has been in the Clean Up Australia campaign since he was a kid, has also founded the 10,000 Pieces of Trash Movement, a social cooperation encouraging people to join him in picking up litter. Everyone together gets 30 pieces of trash off the ground every day. In one year, that makes over 10,000 pieces of litter off the streets, and a more beautiful continent.  Learn more about this and all of Otto’s projects at

Don’t hang around feeling sad and sorry! Enjoy a concert in the comfort of home: no mask required. The show streams twice for each date, live to Australia at 6 p.m. AEST then again live to West Coast USA at 6 p.m. PST. Check out for tickets. Prices are $9.95 USD/ $12.81 AUD; once payment is received, you’ll get the ZOOM link for the performance of your choice. All you have to do then is sit back and enjoy it.

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