Clint Fester 2020 vs 2021 !

What started as a mere interest for Clint Fester is now his primary source of livelihood. Clint has not reaped alone in his journey, but he has mentored many other people who have joined him and shared their success stories together. He researched well and joined Forex trading, which seemed the road that was less traveled. After all, it is not a walk in the park.

2020 turned to be his best year

Since he began, he had not seen a year like 2020. Almost everyone saw a strange year. Everyone was surprised, including his family, who were planning to travel around the world. They aimed to go around Africa, showing and introducing many people to Forex Trading. Obviously, that did not happen. In fact, he had already bought a Mercedes Van V250d to help him in his tour, but he had to adjust and wait for everything to return to normal.

However, his business did the best in 2020. Since he started, 2020 was the best year of his trading journey. He achieved huge milestones that made him feel blessed and thankful. The pandemic affected Clint and his team of students positively since they traded on easy things like NASDAQ US30 and GOLD, which made them get huge profits. The entire fraternity in Forex has one of the best years since they started trading.

Future Plans

When asked about 2021, Clint Fester says that 2020 taught him that we could plan, but God materializes the plans. “I have no much to say, but you can catch me on Youtube, ‘FestX Family.’” He says that he will be dropping several nuggets there. As he concluded, he said that he learned to move silently too.

What was 2020 like for you?

2020 Took us as a family by surprise and Im sure a lot of other families! There was plans we had regarding Travel And tours I wanted to do for my business going around Africa showing and exposing more people to Forex Trading. I legit bought a Mercedes Van V250d a few months before the pandemic hit us BUT hey these things happen and we have to adjust and take action. It actually ended up been one of my best years for my trading Journey, huge milestones was achieved during 2020 so im thankful and blessed.

Did the corona virus affect your trading?

Yes! And in a very very good way for most of my students because it was easy to trade things like NASDAQ US30 & GOLD because a pandemic is something that doesn’t happen every month or year so it was very obvious to short the stock market and make money while the stocks took a beating.

Sounds abit harsh but thats the cold reality of it all is that alot of Forex Traders including myself had their best year of their trading lives.

What can we expect from you entering 2021?

Well I don’t want to say MUCH for now but catch me on Youtube , my channels name is “FestX Family” so I will definitely be dropping some nuggets over there. Gotta move silent this year 🤫

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