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From Selling Tamales on the Street to CulichiTown Empire: Misael Guerrero




Misael Guerrero got his start selling tamales on the street outside of a California swap meet. His tamales grew popular among the locals but had to stop selling them after getting a fine from his city. Shortly after, Misael came to the realization that no restaurants near him served Mexican sushi, which was a very popular dish in his home state of Sinaloa, Mexico.

Misael took it upon himself to bring Mexican-style sushi to California. He began selling it from his garage, and those that bought his tamales in the past came to spend money at his new food endeavor. The business increased in popularity, and Misael eventually moved into a small restaurant in Rialto, CA. Misael saw a massive wave of support starting with the restaurant’s opening weekend.

Over the years, the success of the business has grown, and CulichiTown was born. Now, in 2020, the restaurant has become an empire, with 15 different locations across the US. Misael has brought authentic Sinaloan flavor to his franchise, taking great care to thoroughly train staff to prepare the food the traditional way. The CulichiTown franchise continues to grow in popularity to this day and plans to open new locations are already in the works. Perhaps you’ll find a CulichiTown coming to a town near you in the future.

You can find Misael Guerrero on Instagram here:

You can visit CulichiTown’s website here:
You can find CulichiTown on Instagram here:

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