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4 Effective Exercises to reduce your belly fat




Do you also have those slim-fit pair of jeans or that gorgeous bodycon dress hanging in your cupboard waiting for you to get slimmer so that you can fit in them? 

Or are you striving for that perfect summer beach body? Well, check out these 4 simple and useful exercises that can help you reduce your love handles into a taut tummy. 


The crunch is a core exercise for abdominal muscles and obliques on the sides of your trunk. They are effective for tightening the belly as well as building those six-pack abs. Lay down on a flat surface or a mat, bend your knees and place hands under your head or across the chest. Exhale and lift your upper body keeping neck and head relaxed. Repeat 8-15 times.


Burpee is a strengthening full-body exercise done in 4 basic steps. 

Step 1: Bend down or squat and place your hands on the ground.

Step 2: Step or kick your legs back into a plank position.

Step 3: Drop down to a pushup till your chest touches the floor.

Step 4: Push up to do the plank again and the stand back up.

Do 6 reps/minute. You can also do more depending on your strength to burn mega calories!


The scissor kick is a wonderful exercise to reduce that extra fat in your tummy or build up core strength. It works on your glutes and abdominal muscles. Lie down on your back, raising your legs from the ground at an angle of 45 degrees and then criss-cross them.

Complete three sets with at least 12-15 reps.


Mountain climbers are just moving planks that target your belly and engage upper arms, subsequently challenging your body balance and stability. Starting from a plank position alternately bring your one knee to the chest speeding up with time.

Follow these exercises regularly, and we’re sure that soon you’ll stop worrying about your belly fat. Moreover, who knows you might start thinking about getting some abs as well? 


Amy is a single mother of a baby girl. She writes news as a part-time journalist for multiple news portals. She is an experienced journalist with a master's degree in Journalism.